Saturday, July 24

since we last talked

I just realized again after almost 32 years on this beloved earth that writing is my therapy. I wanted to write a book once. Not sure if anyone would actually read it but that's another story. Hmm, so I started this to keep track of my "progress" and now am actually only a couple pounds less than when I stopped writing. Yay! A couple of pounds less. Boo! I'm a bad, blog friend. The truth is, I need to get all this craziness out on paper. Or on my laptop screen. :)

I'm a believer when there's been distance between you and another, you should sit down (or go for a walk - that's more my style) and flap your jaws. Get it out. Don't sulk or try to be all brave and save face. We lose time that way.

So... since we last talked I've been through a wedding (not my own), a relationship (if you can call it that), a new group of students (*sniff sniff), sang in a concert, received news an uncle was on life support for a week and things didn't look good, visited said uncle and found him to be OFF life support, talking and breathing on his own, traveled to Germany, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Slovenia and a layover in Rome (which totally doesn't count because I never got to leave that God forsaken airport). Oh and I won the "teacher of the year" award at my school. Went back to America for 22 days in June-July and returned to Budapest with bags that were 6 pounds UNDERweight. Not too shabby of a year.

I have more to say but am on my way to my friends' concert. I'll be in touch.

See ya soon then.

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