Friday, April 8


Today at school we spent the entire day working on our W.O.W. board. What's a "W.O.W. board", you ask? Well, in a nutshell they are bulletin boards in the hallways outside our classrooms. Every other month or so, our class needs to decorate them somehow. Oh, and we compete against each other. Lower elementary, upper elementary and then the high school. My class has won twice. The theme we chose was "Mammal Zoo - Please don't feed us!" The kids did a great job painting and decorating. Because I don't have most of my brain intact (did I mention it was Friday?), I forgot to take a picture. I will do that Monday and then post. All that to say, we hope we win. Judging is Monday. *fingers crossed*

Business as usual in the eating department. Ate well, exercised (Day 8 of the 30 Day Shred) and now am about to chill in a bath and watch some of my recorded TV shows.

Here's what I ate today:

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 7

30 Day Shred - I'm baaaack!

Pictures post - yay!

So, Jillian and I have started a relationship.... our common ground is sweat and pain. She yells at me and I do push-ups. That's how this works. Because apparently all her biotchiness is supposed to get me looking good. So I put up with her.

The following are Day 1 and Day 7 pictures. See any differences (other than with my totally rockin' hair styles)?

And my food diary is back too...

Saturday, July 24

since we last talked

I just realized again after almost 32 years on this beloved earth that writing is my therapy. I wanted to write a book once. Not sure if anyone would actually read it but that's another story. Hmm, so I started this to keep track of my "progress" and now am actually only a couple pounds less than when I stopped writing. Yay! A couple of pounds less. Boo! I'm a bad, blog friend. The truth is, I need to get all this craziness out on paper. Or on my laptop screen. :)

I'm a believer when there's been distance between you and another, you should sit down (or go for a walk - that's more my style) and flap your jaws. Get it out. Don't sulk or try to be all brave and save face. We lose time that way.

So... since we last talked I've been through a wedding (not my own), a relationship (if you can call it that), a new group of students (*sniff sniff), sang in a concert, received news an uncle was on life support for a week and things didn't look good, visited said uncle and found him to be OFF life support, talking and breathing on his own, traveled to Germany, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Slovenia and a layover in Rome (which totally doesn't count because I never got to leave that God forsaken airport). Oh and I won the "teacher of the year" award at my school. Went back to America for 22 days in June-July and returned to Budapest with bags that were 6 pounds UNDERweight. Not too shabby of a year.

I have more to say but am on my way to my friends' concert. I'll be in touch.

See ya soon then.

Saturday, November 1

Not kicked out yet!

I'm clicking away on my laptop, nestled all cozy in my bed in BUDAPEST. Some days when I wake up I simply cannot believe it, that I'm here (or that they haven't kicked me out yet). Life has been great, busy, fun, exciting, tiresome (at times), sad (when I've gotten homesick), nonstop.. that last word kinda sums it all up... but it's a life I couldn't imagine trading. Really.

Teaching... I loved it the four years I taught in the states and when I stopped, there was an ache to do it again. And somehow, the plan leads me to the other side of the world, working alongside some of the most precious people that I have ever met.

Before I continue I have to tell you about my bulges. Before I left things were a bit nutso and I kinda put WW on the backburner. Everyone told me that when I went to Hungary I would lose weight just from all the walking. I didn't think it would happen to me but without changing my diet (except that I eat lots of Hungarian food), since my arrival August 10th, I've lost 11 pounds!! I'm thinking that after Thanksgiving I may start WW or eating less sugar/carbs... but we'll see. I'm happy with my body even though there are stick figures walking around everywhere. Somehow I keep my head together. :)

Seven fun facts:
  • The Hungarian gov't gave me a two year visa! And it looks like I will return for the 2009-2010 school year!!
  • I have 7 fifth graders... one who started as a beginner EAL (English as an Additional Language) learner. It's amazing to see her pick up English just by immersion.
  • I've been able to visit Poland (Auschwitz), Ukraine and Austria...
  • Rome may get a visit from me in December. Wanna come?
  • Turned 30 in a foreign country!
  • I have a Hungarian roommate - who speaks great English (and I beg her sometimes to speak more Hungarian).
  • Polly is not too keen on the city but loves visits to Margit Island (there is a huge park area for her to run)
I try not to have too much fun.

Excited to be in the Ukraine.
Should not have been this excited to lay on the ground. Oh well.
My visit to the Vienna Church. Amazing people.
The girls that were at my 30th!
So.. in a nutshell I'm doing well. Thank you for the prayers that sent me here.. and thank you for the ones that keep me here. I love you all and pray that you are all happy and healthy in your lives.. God bless you and I hope to post more pictures soon (lord knows I've taken about 1,000 since I've been here).