Monday, June 18

Day Before WI

Ok, so I’m a little nervous. Mainly because I feel as if I’ve gained weight. Do you know what I mean? Bloated, a little gross, haven’t dropped the kids off at the pool in a few days… someone’s gotta know what I mean. Well, I jumped, actually climbed carefully, onto the scale a few days ago (tsk, tsk) and I was up 2 lbs. Yikes! Hoping at the very worst that there is no change from last week. Will you cross your fingers and toes with me?

So I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve posted. It’s actually only been a few days. Let me tell you that my Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Romanian girls are keeping me quite busy. They are all so precious in their own way. I’m just starting to get to know one of the girls who is very shy around me because her ”English is not so good”. She does struggle but I want so badly to talk to her, laugh with her, tell her how pretty she is and just hang with her. Finally, I got her to a place where she stops running right by me (ant that’s literally…because she is nervous to converse in English)… we went to the mall today and thru her friend who is also Bulgarian I was able to share my heart a little with her. What an awesome time! They LOVED the stores and clothes. When they get their first checks, they will be sure to spend it all in one place. It’s funny because I realized we all have the same needs, no matter what nationality. We need to love and be loved by others. No conditions, no ridicule. Just perfect acceptance. Aaah, I think this is a lifelong lesson, even for ourselves.

Just so you know I’m thinking of ya’ll. I do need to get caught up on my reading.

Love, T

PS. Hey, does anyone know any Bulgarian restaurants in the Maryland area? Gonna have to do some research.

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