Wednesday, June 27

It's hotter than my armpits...

Ok, so I have a confession. My lunch. Was intended to healthy. Packed in a handy little plastic bag and everything. Oh boy, I don't know what gets into me sometimes. I didn't end up eating the lunch I brought. Maybe the peer pressure of everyone ordering out (free lunch baby) or maybe I was rejoicing in the starting over of my FP (I love FP Tuesdays). Whatever the reason, I ate 10 pts worth of french fries and they were GOOD. I don't think I've shared with you just how bad the addiction to french fries was (is) - I need a serious 12 step program. That's the bad news.

The good news is that it's a billion degrees outside and that tends to kill my appetite. So now I'm feasting on fruit and water and don't think I'll do too bad for the rest of the day. *fingers crossed*

Convention is still going on. Lots of peeps, lots of great int'l food. I've been dreaming about the chicken tikka masala which is about 8-10 pts per cup. YIKES. I think I need to dream about the garden salads instead. I plan to be up very late the next couple of nights so if I don't get on here, I promise to this weekend. :)

I'm feeling sooo much better now that some of my peeps have found me or I have stalked them... Glad to be back.


BB said...

I'm another Weight Watchen person...glad to read your blog and see you here with the rest of us!

Swizzlepop said...

Weight Watchen blog stakers unite! :)
Tikka Masala is MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8-10 really? I need to see how I've been counting it to see if I've been cheating myself and counting less so that I can have room for the Veggie Pakora, rice, nan and chai. Have I mentioned that I LOVE Indian food?

Fries, Micky D fries? Cuz those are the best IMO. I'm a firm believer in sometimes you need a little fries. A little grease to oil up the insides...You may feel like crap later but they are YUMMO!
Enjoy the conference! And eat some Tikka for me please ;)

MMalloy said...

Mmmm french fries. I am not allowed to even order them (per my own rules) but when I see them on the picture my mouth starts to water and I imagine their salty goodness!!! I am with you on free lunches, hard to pass up!
It is so hot here as well and I have been drinking water/gatorade like I'll never get another sip, hopefully it will help kill my appetite as well!! Good luck and have fun!

Calyn said...

I think we all need to start a support group just about french fries LOL and I agree with Swizzlepop, McDonald's has the best fries. A close 2nd is Checkers. And I just found Walmart has Checkers fries you can take home and bake. 22 are only 3 pts! Had some today, they were pretty good. I promised myself no Micky D fries until I have back in one-derland! Good Luck for the rest of the convention! :)

lilcatmama said...

I need a 12 step program for all food :)

Colette said...

Your making me hungry...LOL. I LOVE me some Mickey D FRIES!!!!!