Monday, June 11

"I'm one good stomach flu away form my goal weight!"

Has anyone seen The Devil Loves Prada? I absolutely loved that movie and all of it’s dysfunction. My weekend made me think of that line. It started out pretty good. I was finally getting past the worst of the cramps and feeling gross so I ventured out with our church’s teens on outreach to our Inner Harbor. I had spent all but 5 of my points that day and wasn’t really dying to use the rest. On a side note: I have this friend who is on what she calls the “Lean Cuisine diet”. IMHO her skinny butt needs to be on a Big Mac diet but oh well. To each his own. My point in mentioning her is because she has been saying after she got past the ‘hump’ of the first four to six weeks on her ‘diet’, she suddenly wasn’t feeling ravenously hungry all of the time. Well I was jealous because here I was entering week 10 and all I can do sometimes is think about and eat food. FINALLY, this week, I felt kinda normal. Hungry only a few times a day. Eating normal sized portions (that would be WW sized portions thank you very much) and I was completely ‘normal’, well as normal as I can be. No crankiness, embarrasing stomach conversations… I was good. That brings me back to Friday night. At the end of the night my friend suggested Ben & Jerry’s. Now, I’m not a huge ice cream fan. Give me cake, cookies, french fries (not all together - I’m not an animal!!) and I’m set. Ice cream I could take it or leave it some days. Well, I stood in line for about 20 minutes trying to figure out what I wanted. I decided I wasn’t in enough of a mood for ice cream that I wasn’t gonna completely blow it, if you know what I mean. So I got a small cup of Half Baked LF Frozen Yogurt. Blech! I did NOT enjoy it. But hey, at least I only used about 2 points on it because I barely made it thru 1/4 of it. That’s where Friday ended. Saturday I work a second job from 12-5 and I was doing fine until about 4ish when I felt one of my massive headaches coming on. Yuck! I finished work, went home, drew all the curtains and went to bed. I woke up the next morning with one of the worst stomach bugs ever! I missed both of my church services, a billion phone calls (mostly from my best friend who I swear acts like I’m a crack addict if I disappear for one day - no offense) and when I got on the scale the next morning I also was missing about 4.5 pounds. My real weigh in is tomorrow so we’ll see how that goes but I just wanted to get ya’ll caught up on the Tina “juicy”. Managed somehow to eat all of my points today although the stomach is really contemplating what it’s next plan is. I can hear the conspiracy. I’m good though. Missed writing to you guys. Thanks for all your comments - even though I suck at times writing back. I’ll work on that. PROMISE! BTW, do any of my friends out there do myspace? Let me know.

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