Tuesday, August 28

Down 0.2 lbs

Hey, I'll take it! Down is down, right?

So, I've had a very undisciplined last few weeks, my writing both my food journal and my blogging reflects that. But I'm back.. bigger n' badder than ever. Well hopefully not bigger.

I've started my week over on a Monday (usually I do this on a Tuesday) but am keeping my weigh day on Tuesdays. Do any of you do this if you've felt you've gotten off track and once you start anew you switch the start day altogether?


Anonymous said...

I got kind of a kick out of the "Bigger N' Badder" comment.. :) Who do you think your kidding? "Badder"?? Did you read what you wrote on Monday? :) You have such a beautiful and tender heart for your girls. I love the way you write about them... What a tender spirit you are. Anyway.. Glad your back!! HB

Calyn said...

For not being disciplined, a loss is a loss! Congrats on that :)

MMalloy said...

I agree, a loss is a loss! I think I finally caught up on everyones weekends. My energy levels are almost back to normal so hopefully my blogging will be soon too!!!

Superjayman's Battle of the Bulge said...

Where are you???????