Monday, August 27


That's how you pronounce her name.. my Russian Julia. She was one of 6 that became like a child of mine, someone I nurtured, cared for, someone that found her way into my heart. She was quiet at times, yet could get so excited about life, especially when talking about the rides at Hershey Park... Wow, I could hardly get her to breathe between sentences! She was genuinely interested in my life, this crazy American. Wanted to know where I was going, and always wanted to tag along, even if I was making a quick run to the grocery store. The day I met her we talked on the stairs outside of my bedroom for about a half hour. She made quite the impression.. She looks like she stepped out of the June Cleaver days, especially with that roller on her bangs. :) But don't let that fool ya... there's a wild streak somewhere in there.. a zest for life. You can tell just by looking at her pictures.
Julia is precious and kind. She is caring and thoughtful. She is smart and insightful. She has a sensitivity that is found in only a handful of people. This morning I woke Julia to say my goodbyes to her as she is returning home today. Even as I write, she is still in the air. Tomorrow I will blog about other things in my life but today I want to dedicate to my Julia. You're loved!

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