Monday, August 6

NYC - How the heck do I calculate the AP?

Oh, it feels good to be home... Have to share my time w/ ya'll.. so here goes.

5:00 - 6:15AM Woke up to take Polly (my boxer) to Mel's house. She babysat for her on Saturday. Thanks Mel!

6:30 - 9:30AM On the road to NYC. Picture 5 girls, VERY close in the passenger seats of my Camry, singling, giggling, sleeping, laughing, pointing, questioning... ARE WE THERE YET? We had two stops (I HATE stopping) but one was for me.. just started 'flowing' and the other was for my STARVING car sick girls... Oh good God!

10:00AM - 10:00PM NYC Arrival. And I thought that the ooh's for Baltimore were something.. these kids were amazed at the city. Pointing, pictures.. We parked in the Met Life Building on Park Avenue.. which is located inside Grand Central Station. I've never been inside Grand Central before. It was pretty awesome! From there we walked and walked, stopping to take pictures of various buildings..Empire State Building included. It was our goal to start at the Statue of Liberty. Because of 9/11 we're no longer able to go up inside the statue so I figured we wouldn't spend time on the island, instead we'd take the Staten Island Ferry by it so we could get some pictures. I'm on purpose leaving out the Subway experience.. let's just say we would have been on the right one if construction hadn't been going on. :) Oh but before that we got off on Chambers Street and walked to Ground Zero. The girls wanted to experience and see it but I'm not sure what they were feeling. We didn't talk about this yet. This is the second time I've been back to Ground Zero and it's quite moving. I was watching the girls faces as they took pictures of the name memorial. One of my girls wanted to buy or light a candle... After GZ the girls were begging to stop for something to eat. I was happy to oblige as they were getting cranky. We went to a shop that I've stopped at before.. I got a burger, fries, gatorade and water... I only ate the burger and maybe 4 french fries (they were teeny tiny)... It was too hot! From there we headed off to Battery Park, home of the Statue of Liberty. We caught the Staten Island Ferry and the girls were able to get some closer picture of our Lady.. They thought she would be biggger. :) From the S.O.L. we headed to Chinatown. UGH. I have a few things on my list of "cant stands".. one of them being crowds. I've been to Chinatown before.. AGES ago.. it's just like China.. wall to wall people, barely room to walk down the sidewalk. People pushing you... NOT my cup, that's for sure. The girls didn't like it either. We headed into a few shops and they were done.. they wanted to get out. From Chinatown we took the subway to Central Park SE... OMG, it was so beautiful. We walked for about an hour, stopping at the playground and to take pictures in trees (that would be me) and on some of the largest rocks I had seen. What a place to get lost in! I was so dreamy walking thru there. From Central Park we headed to Times Square about a 15 block walk.. The girls did their shopping and I took one of my girls to meet up with a relative that lives in the city. We ended our night in Times Square Deli & Cafe at about 9:00 eating some sandwiches and guzzling our drinks. It was such a HOT day. We headed to the car which was about 4 blocks away. The girls (and I) were pooped to say the least. The ride home was fairly quiet... most were sleeping. I had one phone call which helped me for about an hour and then Paula, my faithful talkative Paula, asked me question after question to make sure I didn't fall asleep. When we got back to the house (YAY), most of the girls hugged me just inside the door and said thank you. I can't tell you what these girls have done to my heart... but it's a beautiful thing. This day I was crampy, tired, hot but in the end it didn't matter. Because these girls saw their dreams (some of them from when they were little girls)... come true.


Colette said...

I don't think your friends could ask for a better friend than you! I think its wonderful what you did for your friends!


MMalloy said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. You are such a great person to take the time to do this for these girls, I am sure they will never forget the day.