Tuesday, March 18

Of course!

Picture taken from the balcony of a friend's house in Budapest, Hungary.
Courtesy of Tina's Canon

... yesterday, last night, I decided to crawl from my bed and get my secret ailment remedy.. McD's french fries. I decided to put on a cute pink tee shirt, a black sweatshirt, my white poofy vest & my pajama bottoms. Don't judge me, they're COMFY. You say, what's the big deal? Well, my pajama bottoms have a black background with gynormous hot pink Victoria Secret lips on them. Yes, they do. They were a present but I love them nonetheless.

I ventured outside and OF COURSE all my neighbors were outside, just chatty chattin' away. And I live in the type of neighborhood where you make small talk.. I'm so antisocial sometimes and all my neighbors are really really nice. Chatty nice. Yep, I stopped.. giggled about my pj's.. made some joke about how I was "stylin" and then mosied off to my car. When I arrived back home, I was relieved to find them all tucked inside their cosey little homes until I noticed TWO MORE of my neighbors pulling in at the same time. When will I learn that everyone else in the world had to get dressed and SO DO I!!

Thank you to all who commented.. I am on the mend. I am not better (although I acted like Superwoman today at work) but I am getting there. Thanks for the get well vibes. I think they are working!

What I Alka Seltzer induced dreamed about last night:
- fighting a bunch of Ninjas
- flying thru the air -- a completely separate part of the dream
- frosting a chocolate cake for two of my friends, at a funeral
- running and hiding from bad guys, not related to the ninja dream
- oh and I was partially clothed at one point and couldn't get into my UNLOCKED car because I didn't have keys


HappyBlogChick said...

Those were alka seltzer dreams? I'd have put my money on stronger drugs, with those odd topics. Hey, at least you were entertained while you slept.

The only time I see my neighbors is when I'm running to get the mail (in my PJs). I feel your pain.

Erin said...

That always happens to me, I seem to run into people when I think I look my worst. I've been married about a year and a half. Last week at 9 in the morning there was a nock on my door. I was still in my pj's and hadn't even brushed my hair or my teeth (YUCK). It was my ex-boyfriend from before my husband! ACK!!!!!!!! He just showed up after four years of not seeing eachother/talking at all.

It was horrible


Kate said...

I think that the only time I run across my neighbors is when i decide to run to the mail box in my PJ's on the weekend morning....hair all messy, food stains down the front of my hoodie, it's really quite attractive. I think they do it on purpose. I'm just the crazy girl who live across the street.

*hugs* I had that shit, and it's not fun, get better soon.

Lottifish said...

Micky D's french fries are my quick fix too!

Laura B. said...

Girl...you and my hubby have the STRANGEST dreams! ;-)

I do hope that your plague subsides soon.

Oh...and I so understand about the need to be antisocial sometimes. If I'm not in the mood, it's all I can do to work up a smile and pretend to be interested. :-)