Monday, March 31

Dear Commitment & Motivation,

I feel like I am back to myself again.. FINALLY. This morning (actually last night) I decided I was going to get up early... 530 a.m. early.. and move. I wasn't sure if I would hit the gym or if I would take the boxer for a walk but my goal was to get up. And you know how I hate to get up in the morning. And how I usually hit snooze about a million times before I do manage to crawl out of bed. But this morning, I hit snooze... once.. and then at 5:40 I got out of bed, threw on my sweats and decided I would take Polly for a 30 minute walk. Mo, every now and then I lose you for whatever reason - life gets busy, illness hits home, tired of not seeing the scale move - but then I come back (probably too many episode of Bulging Brides)... But somehow, I think this is the important part... the coming back. Do you really care how many times I drift away? Or do you care more that I come back and dare to try again? I think it's the latter.

I took my measurements this morning.... I think they're good measurements.. for the Hulk. So Com, I'm back for more. I really wanna reduce those numbers. I mean today I squeezed my size 41 boobs into a 34 bra... that was painful. But I really like that bra. Or maybe I'm in denial. Probably a little bit of both.

I want to show you I mean business so here's my food diary for today:

I'm hungry but I will not snack... tonight. Hey, it's one day at a time, right?

The Hulky Girl


Steph said...

Good for you on taking it one day at a time........that is the only way to stay sane on this journey! I also have to bow down to you for having the discipline to get up at 5:40.......just thinking about that makes me shiver.....YUCK!! This Barbie is sooooo NOT a morning person!

Hang in there - keep moving and continue your love affair with motivation and commitment!!

BTW - I think you're freakin awesome even when you don't get up at 5:40 a.m.!! {{{HUGS}}}

Kate said...

Glad to see the motivation and commitment coming back around, I think we all lose it on occasion :) Great job on getting out of bed and walking Polly, I'm sure she loved ya even more for it!

Swizzlepop said...

You're definitely back. Considering how behind I am, I think you have been postin gyour food everyday since this post. WOOHOO!!!!!!! Tina is gettin' TINY :)