Saturday, March 15

The plague and pictures

As some of you knew before I left, I was wrestling off and on with a touch of the flu that seemed to be going around. But I never quite got what everyone else had. I think it took a few days of staying up until 5am while in Budapest for my body to say "ha ha! now I will infect her with the full on plague". I won't bore you with the flu details because I think you all know what it means to be sick.

Ok, pictures... I took about 100 pictures a day and I'm not obnoxious enough to post each and every one, so for those that are curious, once I am back among the living, I will make a photo album and create a link for your viewing pleasure. Deal?

To enlarge pictures, simply clicky click on them.

My best friend and I at the Castle District.
One of my favorite pictures that I took. Someone told me I should submit it for a postcard. I'm just glad I figured out how to use my camera.
Our last evening in Budapest, we revisited the Castle District. I had never seen the castles at night. The air was quiet, peaceful.

A shot of the view from a friend's house. The last full day we were there, the sun decided to come out.

My obsession continues. I asked a scary looking Hungarian biker dude if I could pose with this beauty. He obliged.

I was really missing Polly. I think I spotted 3 or 4 boxers while over there. This "little guy" was so sweet and bouncy. Just like my Polly.
I made some new friends. This family is from Prague.
In the little town called Szentedre (sen-ten-dra). Everything was so quaint. I posted a picture of the hot chocolate. Amazing!Our walks thru the city were unique. Here we are again walking thru the Castle District to get to our friend's house. Note: it's daylight and there is a hawk above my head. Yes, that is sheer terror on my face.

We passed this church daily. It was majestic in size and character.
I'm glad I crawled out of bed to say hi to you all and to post some more pictures from the trip. What a freakin' fabulous time I had, it was better than last year which I didn't think was at all possible. Hanging out with old buds and making some new friends... going to new places, totally and completely acting like the tourist that I was. Yeah, I'm proud of it.

Thanks for your thoughts and well wishes! Now can anyone stop by with some Alka Seltzer? That would be great, thanks.


LunaNik said...

Incredible pics!!!


Damn, I need to travel because lord knows we don't have a castle district anywhere in the US!!

So glad you're feeling better!

Sonya said...

Great pics!!! Glad you had such a great time. I hope you feel better soon.

anna said...

wow! cool pics! looks like soooo much fun!!

Christine said...

Gorgeous! I haven't been overseas in ages...

Miss July...not...yet said...

so sorry you were sick, but looks like you made the best of it. The pics are amazing! Your friend is right, you should submit that one for a post card!
Get well.

Kate said...

*HUGS* Glad to have you back! Looks like you had a WONDERFUL time!

suchsimplepleasures said...

poor you, to be on a wonderful trip feeling like crap!! i hope you had a fabulous time, regardless! and...i hope you're feeling much better!!
look how pretty you are!!!

Steph said...

Love the pics - you look like Badass Biker Barbie in one of them!

Now I need a Polly pic - geez, she's gonna think you don't love her anymore! Gosh MOM - what's your problem all you did was go to Budapest!

LMAO - ((HUGS)) and feel better soon!

Swizzlepop said...

I really hope you are feeling better by now since I am so late in responding!I LOVE the pictures! Um, the hawk, yea, why is Mel wearing that safety glove? Was she in on that whole thing? I think so..The castles are amazing, WOW. I'll take a postcard please!