Wednesday, March 26

Travel thru time...

Yep, not one of you guessed it either. Would you believe it's CRAB DIP!?! Even after I knew what it was, I kept referring to it as a hash brown something or other. Now I don't feel like such a schmuck. Thanks friends!

In this edition of travel thru time, we have:
  • a few years of a very bad perm
  • my first boyfriend.. his name begins with a D but I can't remember the whole thing!!
  • my first nekkid shots (thanks Mom)
  • me being nerdy posing with a certificate of achievement or some jazz like that
  • my preschool class... the girl I'm sitting next to I ended up befriending again in the 8th grade when she transferred to my school. I'm easy to spot.. the only brown person in the picture. :)
  • the tidal wave hairdo - thank you 1990's
  • the 8th grade prom formal; my hair was so huge and I think that this was the reason I hated purple for so long. Look at that dress!
  • me and Santa. I told him he had bad breath.
  • Tina all growed up... posing for the camera
Click on the picture.. it gets BIGGER.

I think this would be fun to do as a meme... so I'm tagging Swizzle, Mel, Kate, Laura, Amanda!


whats the skinny said...

this is REALLY awesome!! i love the one of you and your mom. her dress is back in style...does she still have it? heh heh! you are sooo cute (bad perm and all)!!

Swizzlepop said...

I love it! But OMG you are going to make me dig through pictures and post them. This will be interesting. I'll get to it this weekend and post next week after I scan them. Good think for the private blog! :)
Thanks for checking on me, I just posted an update on why I've been MIA. Now I will stalk you so that you get your fix :P

melissious said...

That is not a tidal wave, that's a BEEHIVE!!!
And, really?? Do you REALLY want me to dig up more old pictures??? Be careful what you wish for! ;)

MMalloy said...

I have been looking back every day to find out what the mystery dish was. I would have guessed hashbrowns for sure!
Pick my brian any day, I love it!
The pictures are great, very fun idea!!!

Kate said...

Awesome, I will do it this weekend!

Steph said...

You are sooo cute!! I'm glad that you moved away from the perm look though.....I'm also glad that someone else had some bad hair years........I looked like a kinky q-tip for half of my childhood - thanks to my mom's at home perm treatment!!

LunaNik said...

Dude, Santa totally blinked in that pic. I'd ask for your money back. ;)

This is a great idea by the way. I love the collage of photos because there's so much to look at!

Swizzlepop said...

What are the rules? The last decade? Random? Baby, teen, adult? Phases? I need guidelines! :P Gimme some guidelines and I'll have dig up some pics this weekend, promise!

Swizzlepop said...

I did it!!!!!!! And of course I change the rules slightly, but either way I did it and you can now see me through the years from brand new to almost current :)