Tuesday, April 1

Out with the old...

Whew, Day 2 of being back on track. It feels good but I must admit today I was HUNGRY. I ate breakfast, packed lunch, one snack and then after working an 11 hour day I made it home to make dinner. My fridge being empty has had a positive effect on my eating right. You should try it!

I want to start broadcasting what I eat. Like I did yesterday. I may not do it everyday.. but I want to try to do it as much as possible. When I have thoughts like "I'd better not eat that because the whole world will be able to see why I am squeezing my boobies into a size 34 when I'm a size 41 (give or take an inch or two)" - it helps to have my bloggy world accountability. I really am trying again. Which leads me to my NSV....

Tomorrow is Wednesday... actually in one hour it will be Wednesday. And for me, that means sales meeting day. More times than not, I've been the little baker. Brownies, cupcakes, streusels... all POINTS unfriendly foods of course. Well, today while I was closing out my day, I decided to do something healthy... something I can eat too because Lord knows I hate watching other people eat.

Voila! I made an extra one too so my fridge wouldn't be lonely.

I'm thinking about heading back to the WW meetings. I did so well the first time around (lost 43 or 45 lbs) and had a really great leader. I'm wondering, who prefers online to the meetings?


Kate said...

You know, I've never been to a meeting, I've always been an online member, but being that I don't like people most the time, i think I would prefer the online way regardless lol. But if it works for ya, I say go for it!

Steph said...

What an awesome day eating wise!! You totally rocked it!!

I have to get re-motivated to eat better - lately, I catch myself mindless eating and just snacking even when I'm not hungry. Old habits die hard! Keep up the good work and let me know what you decide on WW - I may have to start hitting some meetings just to get my butt back in check!!

Where is Polly???? Are you neglecting her?? No pics - bad puppy mommy!!

Lottifish said...

I lost 40 lbs. on WW two years ago but ended up putting it all back on plus some. Now I'm trying this plan by Paul McKenna where I can eat anything I want, but only while I'm hungry. It's hard but I just don't know if I can count points for the rest of my life.

Swizzlepop said...

YAY for making fruit salad! Looks yummy too!

I've always gone to the meetings and stil lgo when I can. I think they helped me a lot more because it is additional accountability and support.