Saturday, April 5

Diaper Changes

No, I'm not pregnant. And no, I didn't just have a baby. Nice try though.

Polly's in heat... and BOY is she ornery... more than her usual self. She is testing her mommy's patience and right when my own TOM is about to arrive. Lovely.

I had a very good week... eating, exercising wise. I love posting my food... that little extra accountability I feel when I know that someone (the entire world freakin' wide web) will be able to read about my indiscretions. I'm thinking that I may do a weigh in every 10 days, instead of every 7.. we'll see though. You know I will at least sneak a peek on the 7th day!

In honor of both spring and all things hormonal, I've posted pics.


Sonya said...

I just sent you an e-mail about facebook.

I love the pic of Polly in the driver's seat.

Have you ever thought of getting Polly 'fixed'?

Kate said...

Ahh one of the good things about having a male dog! Ha Ha. Then again, he pees all over everything, and acts like a wild man when there is a girl in heat in the neighborhood, so which of us really wins? Good thing we love them huh?

swizzlepop said...

I second Sonya abotu getting Polly fixed? I know when we got our doggie fixed it calmed him down a lot. I can only imagine what a girl doggie in heat is like. Hopefully it doesn't last long. SO how are you posting your SP food log? Screen shot with a mac? And how are you getting your WIs to be in the side bar? Help!
Still working on the pics, I just realized that you just photographed the collage, not scanned it. That makes it easier but I still need to find some good pics :).