Tuesday, April 8

How'd you do that?

Today would not be the day to check out my food log. I know because I said that, you probably will anyway.. but I'm warning you, it ain't pretty. Just remember, I told you not to look.

Tonight my evil precious TOM has descended... and that means in the next few hours Tom's friends, Cramps will be stopping in. I hear that Migraine may be in the neighborhood too. Tom's parties' suck! *smile*

On another note, I thought that because I've been asked this question a few times by email and on my blog, and I need a distraction from complaining about my hormonal issues, it'd be a good idea to answer this.

How do you get your food chart into your blog?
I know that everyone has their own way but I love the world of screen shots. A friend of mine introduced this idea to me probably sometime last year and then I recently thought, why not use a screen shot for my blog too, instead of creating charts all over the place. Who has time for that?

Screen shots are just that... shots or pictures of your screen and then saves them to your computer as picture files (.jpeg, .gif, etc). At home & work, I have a program called SnagIt.. but that program gives you a free trial then you have to pay. I have also used ScreenHunter 5.0. That is a completely free program and does the same thing that SnagIt does..

1. Download a screen shot program.
2. It is easiest to have open on your screen whatever you want to take a picture of. For example, if you want to take a picture of your Spark stuff, open Spark, get your table on the screen in front of you and then... You more advanced kids, can use a HotKey.
3. Open/run the program. These programs are pretty user friendly. They say things like "click here to capture the whole screen" or "capture just what I select".. things like that. Select what you want to capture.... the program will save it to your computer.
4. Go to your blog. Type lots of words (or none at all) and then click the Add Image button. Find your image as if you're looking for a photo.. and then upload.

It's as easy as 1-2-3-4! Let me know if you're trying it.. or if you need help. I won't laugh. Me promise.


MMalloy said...

Thanks for the quick lesson, I was wondering how you did that!!!
I hope TOM doesn't invite migraine, thats always the worst for me.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just found your blog! I am starting to like it. I put my food log on my food with sparkpeople. I have a box on my blog (right side) where you can click it and it appears.. that would be easier for you. Check out my blog.


Keep working hard. I know you will meet your goals.. :)

Kate said...

Friggen TOM, telling him to pack his shit and get out!

Love screen shot programs too. I use a free one called MWSnap!

Steph said...

Okay - I admit, even though you told me not to look at the food I did..it doesn't look too bad - granted you could have eaten more veggies but you stayed low in calories and when i have TOM I can eat 1400 calories in one meal of chocolate.....quit beating yourself up. You're doing the right things and you're conscious of your habits - good and bad!

Just remember - TOM will be gone soon and life will resume normalacy - whatever that is???

In the meantime here is a {{{HUG}}} for you and Polly - TOM is running rampant in your house, huh?? LOL

Amanda said...

You're not doing horrible. Don't beat yourself up too bad.

The one thing about being pregnant I love...no TOM. Haven't had one since July....ahhh.... :)