Saturday, April 12

Hungry VCR

Courtesy of the view from my front yard

Aah, TOM has moved on. And I've been cheating on you guys with the warm weather.

This morning I was excited to find that it was quite beautiful out - it's been in the high 60's, mid 70's for the past 3 days - and I decided to get some things done. I love spring cleaning! Polly and I drove to DD.. I got a lite latte (and a donut, shh don't tell) and headed back to the house to do a little gardening. I did some weeding and then it started raining. My hair is not the type that looks all cute when it gets sprinkled upon, so inside I went.

I thought, hmm.. what will I do? PILATES! So I searched for my video (yes, VHS.. I bought it years ago), found it and went downstairs and popped it into the VCR. Then I remembered that I never did quite figure out how to hook that thing up (my DVD player and satellite box work just fine thank you very much). So upstairs I went.. and connected my other VCR to the TV in my room. Success! And then the VCR ate my tape. It still won't give it back. Aaargh. Talk about try and try again.

Can I just say I love the internet? Nothing was going to stop me from exercising today so I figured if you can find toilets that weigh your #2... then I certainly would be able to find an exercise vid or something.. and boy, did I.



I did three videos... One ten minute abs workout.. one five minute abs workout (TOUGH).. and the other was a five minute "Legs to Die For" pilates vid. They were all good (the last, the narrator was a little annoying)... but they were all tough. Any of you use the interweb for your exercise videos? Recommend some to me..

I'm off to enjoy the 70's weather and take a walk with Polly. Enjoy your weekend!


Amanda said...

I'm jealous of your 70 degree day! It's cold and rainy here...but just'll get it soon enough. We had the gorgeous weather through the week. I'd just like to have it on the weekend!

Congrats for working out and making a point to do it. That's awesome! I've never worked out on the web, but I sense a new laptop in my future so I might be able to do some in the coming months. ;)

HappyBlogChick said...

Now THAT is perseverance. I might have taken the tape-eating as a sign it wasn't meant to be. Good job turning it into an opportunity to find new ways to work out. Impressive.

Thanks for stopping by and welcoming me back! I really appreciate it.

Kate said...

I love that you have a VCR still, I don't think I've owned one of those since I moved out of my parents like 5 years ago, crazy!

I'm jealous of your weather, it was so pretty all week here, and now that I'm starting to feel half human again, the weather turns to crap again, 40's and rainy, bah!