Monday, April 7

Sumo Wrestler

Something to think about...

"... when sumo wrestlers want to gain weight, they deprive themselves of breakfast. It messes up their metabolism.."

Giant, cloth diapers anyone? That's what I thought.

My weigh in sucked today... as I thought it would. TOM is near and combine that with the water factor and not eating enough... and you have a 3.8 pound gain... Not discouraged... even though I thought I kicked @$$ this week (my first week back)... Better WI's to come, right? I know I sound all positive but today would be one of those days to delurk and lend some kind words...

Oh, my eating did NOT rock today... Unless I can count skittles as a fruit serving???


tallmama said...

Hey you're looking great! I love your outfit :).

whats the skinny said...

ha! i think skittles count if you ONLY eat the orange ones. hee hee.

thinking about your sumo wrestler, i really need to make breakfast a priority!

MMalloy said...

I hate to admit it but I think I once considered those tiny morsels of goodness a serving of fruit!!
Thanks for reminding me to eat my banana!
TOM is totally to blame for the gain, you have totally been OP this week and I so admire you for it.
You are beautiful, strong and an amazing supporter. Thank you for being you!

Miss July...not...yet said...

You look great in the picture!

Interesting fact about messing up metabolism...course, we don't need any help w/TOM, do we????

Sometimes it takes a little extra time to see how great you do so I bet next week will be a good loss.

As for the skittles, ummmmmmmmm, I just don't think it will work as a fruit, sorry!

Kate said...

I would assume skittles would count as a fruit serving on some planet? I say you abide by those rules for the day ;)

Lottifish said...

At least you're really working at it! (That's more than I can say :( ) There will be ups and downs but hang in there, you can do it!

Laura B. said...

Hey girl! That's not too bad, really, what with the TOM sneaking up on you.

I have discovered breakfast is the key for me. We have a blender in my office so I do a slim fast smoothie with frozen fruit in it. It's a perfect start. Also, getting enough protein is my thing too. If I don't I pay for it by dinnertime and I'm snacking on anything I can get my hands on.

Keep it up girl!