Sunday, April 13

Kitchen Casualites

Do you think Betty Crocker is trying to send me a message? First, I forget to turn the stove on. Then I forget to put food in the oven. And now, when I've managed to successfully pull off steps one and two, I do this..

picture removed by author - trust me, it was gross.

That's a second degree boo boo on my stomach. Yes, it still hurts like h-e-double hockey sticks.


Sonya said...

Okay are not allowed in the kitchen from now on!

tallmama said...


Laura B. said...

Dang girl!! How in the world did you manage to get that on your tummy? Sounds like there's a story there. ;-)

Miss July...not...yet said...

Can you find someone else to cook for you?
Seriously tho...ouch! HOpe it feels better soon. Oh, I am curious as to how you got it on your tummy too?

Kate said...

Ok, so my parents keep threatening to take away my knives because I keep almost removing digits with them, and I think I am just going to take away your kitchen, before you burn yourself down....or something! Ha HA

Swizzlepop said...

I saw the picture and it was kinda gross. We've all had our kitchen casualties, well at least I have. If it makes you fell any better I burned the entire palm of my hand on an electric burner. Yea, talk about dumb. I had the ring marks and all. It taught me to not use the stove as leverage to reach up above that's for sure.

I hope your tummy is better soon!