Friday, April 18

Progress Pictures

Disclaimer: I have never professed to know how to garden. I just plant things and hope that they stay alive.
The "Befores" (last year)
The "Afters"

This "little" guy looks like he got into mommy's steroids. I was feeding them Miracle Grow.. I guess it worked!
The little bugger in the last pic is sprouting up in a few places in my garden... I know they aren't weeds (I've been know many times to say to my neighbor "this is so pretty" and she says "I'm pretty sure that's a weed.. ") ... LOL. I'm pretty sure they turn into the tall plants seen in the first picture.. eventually they bloom and have bright orange and red flowers. I just have no idea what they are or why they are popping up in random places.
On the bulges topic, I did take some close portraits last night... Because I'm starting to lose inches, I'm curious about what will happen with my face in the next month. Stay tuned.. they WILL get posted.


Swizzlepop said...

I totally thought these were Tina progress pics. Not garden ones :P. Looks like you have a green thumb though so congrats!

I'm still working on my "travel through time." The perfectionist in me was not happy wiht my collage shoot last night so I had to break it up into groups and I'm still playing around. I wish you would have set a limit to how many pictures :P.
Hopefully this weekend!

Steph said...

I'm with Swizz - I was thinking of the "Incredible Shrinking Tina" pics not garden pics BUT your plants look great! Wish I had a green thumb........I managed to kill a fern in 1 week - I didn't even know that it was possible to completely kill a plant that quickly??

Colette said...

LOL @ Stephs comment about killing a fern!!! hahahahaha
You ready for this...I KILLES a CACTUS!!! OMG...I swear I did. I have a horrible time keeping plants alive too.
Stephen and I TOTALLY relandscaped my front yard and I spent over a grand so far and I am not even done you can bet your ass I am praying NOTHING DIES IN MY YARD!!!
BTW....your flower beds look great. And those "weeds" as your neignhbor calls them are day lilies!!!

suchsimplepleasures said...

i am bad luck when it comes to flowers. bad, bad, rotten luck!! yours look amazing though!