Sunday, April 6

Cooking Lesson #102

In this segment of Cooking with Tina, we will learn another very important cooking tip.

As previously mentioned, the stove or oven should be turned on. Check.

I'm one of those that pretty much has a list of sites I hit on the world wide web as soon as I settle in. My blog, facebook, email... I got a little carried away with Facebook tonight and found myself catching up on the Scrabble and Scramble games... then all of a sudden, I said "oh shoot".. my turkey burger is probably burned. I headed down the stairs, smelling what I thought was a crisped turkey burger. Not even close. I had left it sitting ON the stove instead of IN the oven.

On another funny note, tonight someone mistook me for a Nigerian woman that comes to our church. That's funny because I'm always saying "no, in fact, we DON'T ALL LOOK ALIKE". The Nigerian thing was a first for me.. usually it's mixed something or other, Indian, sometimes people get it right and say Portuguese... n-y-way....

I got on the scale tonight... just to see.. and my weight has gone up... I know I shouldn't have weigh myself at night.. and my WI is tomorrow but I was just curious. I really think that I haven't been eating enough. I've stayed within my POINTS all week (today was my only "off" day)... only using a few flexies here and there... so overeating has not been the issue. I'm sure it's water (not getting enough) and not enough food and that my TOM is right around the corner... I'm not gonna have a bad attitude about it though... I'm in this... feet first... *big splash*


Sonya said...'ll get it right next time.

As for your WI - TOM will screw ya every time!

Kate said...

I think we have made all the mistakes now, so next time, you'll be good to go ;)

And TOM sucks...I'll be dealing with him and his games during next weeks weigh in, bah.

MMalloy said...

How did WI go?!? If TOM is around the corner don't get worried about a true gain, I usually am up 2-3# before TOM...yuck!

Swizzlepop said...

Swizz's WW rule #!, NEVER WI at night! You will weight 5-8 pounds more because the food is still digesting and needs to be eliminated.
And get rest. One time I had to get up at 4am to drive hubby to the airport and I got on the scale. After going back home and sleeping 3 more hours I got back on the scale and had lost 3 pounds. So rule #2, GET SLEEP! :)

You crack me up in the kitchen. You must be preoccupied with something else these days cuz I know you can cook :P.

Oh and rule #3, WIs should not be allowed right before TOM.

Swizzlepop said...

So I'm totally going backwards but I hope the following WI was kick ass!
And um, what is up with Chik-fil-A? No mas! :)