Wednesday, April 2

I don't like ice cream...

... but I love me some Rita's.

What is Rita's? First of all, shame on you. Second, it's Italian ice and I never make it thru the summer without going.. everyday. Thankfully the ice is fat free.. the custard, I'm not so sure.. I'll have to double check those numbers. But I ask if you're seeing daily servings on Rita's on my food diary, could you please harass me a little? Thanks.

And for those of you going thru Polly withdrawal, a video. Please ignore the eye crusties which aren't quite crusties and pay close attention not to my annoyingly high voice but to how little I actually do share with her..

You'll see.

Don't worry, food will be posted tonight!


Laura B. said...

That's awesome! I love the ice cream on the nose. My babies love vanilla ice cream, but don't get it all that often now that Moe has his pancreatitis issues. :-(

Kate said...

*gasp* you don't like ice cream?

I love the Italian ices. Here in MI, we have one small place that does them, and they have the yummiest concoctions with soft serve ice cream and ices, yum!

Steph said...

okay so you gave me my daily dose of Polly - I can rest easy and know that you haven't forgotten about her! LOL


MMalloy said...

I've missed Polly! An Italian Ice sounds so yummy right now. I am jealous!

Swizzlepop said...

I want Rita's! We don't have anything like that out here. Tons of gelato places but your Rita's looks yummy! Polly is so cute. I love how she got it on her nose and later bit the cup. SOOOO CUTE!