Tuesday, April 29

MA bound

Sorry for being MIA.. just dealing with the family stuff, my emotions...and really letting God deal with me and be my "very present help in time of need". I haven't fallen too far off the wagon but it hasn't been my focus either. Just wanted to let you guys know I'm doing okay, sad sometimes.. but God is faithful.

I'm heading up north to be with the family tonight, spending one day (because I can't afford to be off longer than that) and then driving back thru the night Wednesday, after the memorial.

I have some sentences I want to share, many things on my heart.. more to come soon.

I love you guys, thanks for the support and being there for me in this tough time.

Here are some flowers for you all!


Kate said...

*HUGS* Your in my prayers

Bonita said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. I am glad that you are putting your faith in God to help you through these trying times.

Be safe on your journey home and back.

Sonya said...

((((HUGS))))) Have a great time with your family. I hope your smile comes back soon.

Swizzlepop said...

(((((HUGS))))) Beautiful flowers!
I hooe you had a nice healing time with yoru family.

Once you feel up for it, don't forget to join us for hte challenge. It starts today but I know you're drained. Maybe you can try on Monday, the exercise will help clear your mind and make you feel better :)

Kate said...

hey girl, was just thinking bout ya, hope things are looking up!

Amanda said...

I hope you are doing well! I miss you!!!

Those flowers are beautiful!