Thursday, December 27

Chourico & Salad

So tonight there's a little lesson about my heritage. I am part Portuguese. You can thank this woman for all that entails.

Meet.. my mom.
The Portuguese are Latin, romantic, passionate and hospitable. Please interpret that last word to mean that everything and I mean everything revolves around food. Now my mom, bless her heart, weighs about 98 lbs soaking wet but eats enough to sustain a baby elephant. Where the food goes, only the Lord will reveal it to me? And yes, THIS is the burning question I will ask when I sit on God's lap and uncover the hidden things. But I digress.

The Portuguese love to cook, eat, cook & eat and most importantly FEED YOU. I can remember when I was a little girl the first thing my vovo (Grandma) would do is sit me down at the kitchen table and start bringing food over to me. This leads me to one of my favorite foods that I grew up with.. Portuguese chourico. Basically, chourico (as seen on Emeril.. BAM!) is pork, fat, wine, paprika and salt. Then it's smoked. For more info, click here. Once that whole process is done with, you can eat it unheated in a sandwich or like many of us like to do, we sauté it with a bit of olive oil, throw in some onions and call it a day. I have a 'thing' when I visit Massachusetts which if you are all caught up on your reading know that I was there last week. I stock up on Chourico because it's very hard to find outside of New England. I found chicken chourico in Maryland once but that was almost blasphemous.

Tonight, my featured dinner:

It turns out to be approximately 4 pts per serving. Then throw in a salad lightly dressed with olive oil and red wine vinegar and you have a 6 point meal... YUM!


melissious said...

Mmmmm... looks yummy! Of course, I like my chourico a little more on the burned side, as you know. ;) Oh man, there is a cat HOWLING in Gail's room and I CAN'T FIND IT!!! Every time I walk in there it stops. I'm gonna KILL IT when I do find it! Sorry Gail... really, will she even miss ONE cat in all this mess??

Kate said...

Your dinner looks totally yummy!

My family things have always revolved around food, and I came from grandmas that loved, loved, loved to cook, soooo, needless to say, every visit to their homes were always loaded with food. Still to this day my mom is the same way, it's such a tempation when i go to mom's.

MMalloy said...

Looks delish!! I am glad you were able to indulge in one of your favorite meals and the points value is awesome!!!
P.S. The new bedding is from Macys! I've never had such nice (matching) sheets before!

Swizzlepop said...

I love how you describe Latins! :) It's all true regardless of what the country of origin is ;p I like to refer to myself as a Latin Mutt and yes food is a HUGE part of everyday life. Your Chourico sounds and reminds me of chorizzo and if it is even the least bit similar I am drooling. I haven't eaten pork in over 15 years but still miss it, especially the ethnic foods that I grew up on. Good to see you were able to stock up and that it isn't that high in points. Pork is the other white meat right?
And your mom is ADORABLE and looks like she is a blast. Latin moms and food are a bad combo LOL.

Bonita said...

Your dinner looks really good! Like Swizzlepop reminds me of chorizo. Also reminds me of what I do with turkey kiolbasa sausage. I cut it up and saute it like you did. I also like eating it with 2 corn tortillas for another 1.5 points.

I thought you had some Latin in you! :-) Your familiy is very good looking and look like lots of fun. Also, no harm in loving yourself. Many people don't but it is really important for weight loss!