Wednesday, December 5

Nausea = High Intensity??

I worked out on the elliptical for 45 minutes at high speed (my heart rate was between 175-183 pretty much the entire time). I am whooped and nauseas. But you know what that means DEC-ers.. 15 more minutes until I've reached my cardio goal. WOOT! It's almost worth the nausea. :)

I decided regarding the whole activity points thing to do what is right for my body. I know my body and what it takes for me to get in motion. So with that, I'll use some math, some knowledge about how my body feels and responds and will do what is right for me... what my body is telling me that it needs.

I'm off to bed but I will post again.

OH YEAH... we got our first real snow.. just a few inches but AWESOME. I'm hoping Santa brings me a dig cam for Christmas so I can stop taking pictures with my cell phone. See below (Note the piece of the logo on my hat under the hoodie.. I wore this same outfit to the gym and got some very dirty looks. Still wondering? PATS baby!)

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Kate said...

I've just starting going to the gym again (after paying membership dues for like 3 months of not going), and I've been working high intensity interval training into my workout, and good lord, I feel like I am gonna lose my cookies after my normal 20 minute workout. It's amazing how when your really working it, how much u can feel it.

keep up the good work.