Monday, December 3

One hour baby!

Did it again.. one hour on the elliptical and kept my heart rate at a minimum of 163 the entire time. Came out to about 10,000 strides and 4.5 miles... woo woo! That's me tooting my own horn.

Now for my confession:
This weekend I felt like CRAP.. just mentally and physically and didn't even want to get out of bed. On Saturday morning, I went over to Mel's house in the morning to help take some Christmas pictures. That was crazy with a capital C. Imagine four kids, ages 4, 3, 3 and 1. Now imagine me trying to capture a nice family moment AND their attention. OMG. The hubby was the best kid of all. And by best, I mean worst. ;) It was cold and windy and the kids looked so darn cute. I think we got one picture that they could live with...I just wish there were more options for mommy to choose from.

This is what she decided on:

I like it! And it's very hard for this fam to take a bad picture. They're all so pretty!

After a very eventful morning, I went back home. I was SUPPOSED to do errands, I have a list like 8 billion miles long of things I need to get done but I just couldn't muster up the mental energy to do it. I HATE when I am like that. So I spend the rest of the day in bed, sleeping and watching tv. Later that night I took a sleep aid to be sure that I went back to sleep and that I did. I woke up the next morning VERY groggy. Ugh. I figured Sunday would be better but I was in an even crappier mood than the day before. Emotional and drugged out do not mix well on me. I ended up in bed AGAIN the entire day. I've been eating okay. Not great, not horrible, just so-so. Now we are up to date.

Wake up. Crappy mood, day 3. Wonderful. I barely want to get out of bed, let alone face other people at work. But I do it anyway. I stop at the local DD to pick up some treats for fellow co-workers and head in. It was DEAD today. I mean, I had 7 voicemails but nothing important at all. My boss asked me how my weekend was and I just about burst into tears because he was being so sweet when I said "not great". Dum, dee, dum. Day rolled on as normal. Except for my appetite which is part of this confession. I felt as if I could eat my arm. I was HUNGRY all day. I ate my lunch at about 11:15 and by 1:30 when evil Ryan announced that he was going for Chinese and did I want any (btw, he knows I'm doing ww).. I exclaimed YES! I got an order of pork fried rice and ate 1.5 servings. Ouch. Thank God my flex points started over today or I would have been in TROUBLE. Just a little nervous about tomorrow's WI because we know that Chinese food loves sodium. Anyhoo... the boss let me go home early (around 330) and I rested for a while (like I haven't been doing that all weekend, I know). I decided at 5:00 I was gonna get up and head to the gym and that I did. Got on the elliptical and exercised my buns off (hopefully) for an hour. Hence, the earlier tooting of the horn. I feel better. They say exercise can do that to ya. Yay. :)

Oh yeah, this is DAY 3 of D.E.C. (December Exercise Challenge) and I have 1 of my 2 hours on the elliptical done. Woot woot again.

Btw, tonight the team from where I was born and raised plays in my current home state. GOOD LUCK BOYS!


melissious said...

OMG, did you watch Desperate Housewives last night? I nearly had a heart attack (and burst into tears at the end.) I'm still on the verge of tears! Got any news about that writers strike??
I hope your week goes better. Weds we'll liven things up and force ourselves to be happy... or wallow in self pity together! :)

Amanda said...

OOh....a Patriots fan....YUCK! Sorry, I think I'll quit reading now.


But I hope and pray the Steelers can beat them next week. I'm ready for them to go DOWN!!!


Anyway....I am sorry you feel like crap! I hope you feel better soon. And you are such a good friend to take those pictures for your friend. Is that 4 boys she has?!?! God bless her!!!

Oh and I used that same card for my cards this year. I'll have to post one on my blog.

Swizzlepop said...

Super cute picture! My compliments to the photographer :P.

Yay for going to the gym!

You responded to my SAD post a while back and I wanted to mention a couple things.
1. This light has saved me and the husband's sanity. I actually have one at home and one at work, but I may just be a little severe.

2. Vitamin C. Get some Emergencie packets or plain old Vitamin C and take it when you start to feel the funk, something in the C helps. Not sure what it is but I can tell you that it does.