Thursday, December 13

Will you be my friend?

So, I just created a Facebook a few days ago. Like I needed anything else to feed my insomnia tendencies. I tried creating a badge for my blog but it took up SO much space. Will try again later. Do any of you facebook? I'd love to add you to my friends list. Send an email to me and I'll get right on that.

On the DEC front, I've done 1/2 of my elliptical time this week. W00T! By the way, did you know they added "woot" to the dictionary? Tonight, I'm hittin' the gym and will do the other half of my elliptical & some weights work.

It's really quiet at work these days... we're waiting for a big torrential rainstorm to bring in the business... and while we wait, I Facebook.

My hometown is getting hit with some snow! I'm so jealous... Hope you all are having a great day. I will try to pry myself away from my new addiction to catch up on posts. *Hugs*


Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been away on business and just got back to your blog.. Wow.. I love what you've done with it.. It looks Great!! BTW.. I loved your scale comments.. If I had a gun, mine would have been dead long ago.. Merry Christmas!! :)

Swizzlepop said...

What happened to your myspace? I have a Facebook but don't really use it, plus I must admit that it freaks me out a bit that you HAVE to put your full name in there. Call me a weirdo but I don't like that much.