Tuesday, May 20

Half Pound

In honor of my 0.6 loss, I did a little photo research.

Great, now I'm hungry.


Steph said...

Way to go!! I am sooooo happy for you! By the way - the burger and fries made me hungry too! LOL

Amanda said...

WOO HOO!!! A loss is a loss!

And now I'm hungry...thanks! :)

MMalloy said...

Awesome way of looking at it!! That's amazing.

Oh, a light salad = chopped lettuce with light/FF dressing (nothing else)! I don't know why I call it that!

Glad you're back! Finally!

Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

Thanks for posting on my blog....

I started WW at 180 lbs. I workout and use an online trainer (Phit and Phat). I've gone from a 157 lb gal wearing a size 8 to a 150 lb gal wearing a 4-6. I've lost tons of inches, but my weight has basically stalled at 150. I am also 5'8.