Friday, May 16

Sick = MIA excuse

OMG!! I just checked my email and before I headed out, I wanted to make a quick post because a certain someone *coughStephcough* was looking for me.

I've been sick. Sunday night I started feeling a little something coming on.. Monday I ignored it.. Tuesday it began to rear its' ugly head.. and well for the rest of the week, I've been down... Coughing, sniffling, sneezing, stuffy head.. take lots of stuff to make me sleepy so I can rest..

Aaah... but I think it's starting to get better. And I'll be back to normal.. probably this weekend!

Top that off with I'm the only person on staff in the office (because we had some massive layoffs) so I have to go in.. and because of the rain, I've been busy.. I really wished I could have been in bed but I'm outta sick/vacation time anyway.

Thanks for missing me! I miss you too.. I've just been sleeping in my spare time. I know you guys understand, right?


Swizzlepop said...

I hope you're feeling better soon! I'm going to guess that your last week challenge check in is a "SICK" but let me know for sure. Hug Pollu and feel better soon!

Kate said...

*hugs* get better soon!

Steph said...

Okay - I'm only letting you off the hook if you post some pictures of Polly!! Man I thought your super stalker had caught you or something??!! Don't make me worry like that - I'm pregnant, can't handle the stress! LOL

Glad you're feeling better and glad that you are back!