Friday, May 9


Swizzle and I kid with each other that we are each other's stalker. We really are. She comes on over to my place it seem just when I need a good kick in the butt ie. I've been in hiding. Well, this story has nothing to do with her but I thought it was funny, creepy worth telling because it's sorta kinda an NSV.

The other day as I was walking into work, my cell phone rang. It was a girl that used to work with me and would like to still be working with me but doesn't. It's usually busy as soon as I walk in, so I didn't answer. A few minutes later I got a text.... from that same girl. It read, Did you get skinny? Because I just drove by and you look really skinny.

Thank the heavens for good outfits.. because I'm NOT skinny.. but in that 5 second drive by... I looked it.

Creepy or otherwise, I'll take it!


Swizzlepop said...

I swear it wasnt me!
Flattering yet creepy. I'm not really sure what else to say. Congrats on the stalker NSV, you have lost so I'm glad she noticed. But to be driving aroind watching you at your work is a little creepy. Make sure you tell everyone at the office so they know a crazy is about.

MMalloy said...

That is a bit creepy! Congrats on the NSV though at the same time!!

Amanda said...

Definitely creepy...but at least someone noticed! I'd take it!! I got told by DH the other day that I don't look pregnant anymore. I guess that's an NSV?!? ;)