Monday, November 26

Bad Day

1. I have a migraine. For those of you that get them, I sympathize. I swear some days I just wanna remove my head from my shoulders. It increased on my drive home on the rainy and dark highway. I did make it home in one piece.

2. Tonight was my gym night which I skipped.. instead went for a 10 minute run/20 minute walk which I thought was better than nothing. I feel bad for skipping but I also felt bad for crating my dog all day (longer work day than usual). I ended up running her outside in the rain. For 30 minutes I forgot about my head hurting... how does that happen?

3. I weighed myself (the night before my WI) and the scale was UP 2.2 pounds. I'm not happy about it because I stuck to my points, exercised last week.. I just don't get it. Talk about wanting to give up before you begin.

Sorry to be a bummer. Just needed to vent. I'm gonna hop in bed in a few. I'll quit while I'm ahead... Blog again soon...

1 comment:

Sonya said...

I just don't get it either sometimes.

Could it be that time of month, or did you eat a lot of sodium lately? Muscle? Who knows eh?