Tuesday, November 27

i no unnerstan eenglesh

That's what my scale said to me this morning when I prayed silently then cursed like a sailor. My t.o.m. BETTER be coming because I'm crabby, not sleeping well, and my ass gained 2.2 lbs. I'm gonna sulk because I'm a woman and feel I'm entitled to a "I gained weight despite working my ass off and EATING RIGHT even on Thanksgiving" grumble. Arrgh, maybe I'll try to squeeze into my size 8's anyway...then I could say I met my goal (aside from the magician thing) and be done with it. Ok, as I write my mood is getting better. Wow, women are crazy. I guess I better put some clothes on.. yes I'm sitting here in the buff... It's time to go to work. Gotta fly!

ps. I ordered my first pair of Spanx a couple of days ago. Fedex says he will bring them to me by Wednesday. I'm so excited! Any of you making your butts look better?


Sonya said...

Try to look at it this way...if you keep doing what your doing this week, next week you'll have an awesome loss!!! ;-)

I haven't tried those spanks yet, but next time I need to wear a nice dress I know I'll be buying them!

Steph said...

Don't sweat it - you know that you did what you needed to do and you know that your body plays all kinds of mean tricks at TOM. Also, what about extra sodium?? Beginning a new workout regime can also pack on a few extra pounds of water weight. I know it's frustrating but you are kicking a*s already so I have no doubt that the scale will show you some love soon!


melissious said...

I dinnent go to church. I shoulda come wit u 2 the gym! Kids are being nutso (which is why I feel like misspelling.) Emmett's running around int he buff b/c he has a horrible rash! It's just a matter of time before I'm cleaning up messes!