Monday, November 12

"If you're nice to Tina, she will treat you like gold..."

This is what my boss said to a fellow employee who usually acts (to me and everyone) like a complete douche bag. I apologize in advance for my feisty-ness but sometimes especially in the case of this particular person it's warranted. My boss went on to say ".. if you treat her like crap, then you'll get treated like crap back". I was talking to my bff and she said "um, shouldn't he have replaced "Tina" with the word people?" I agree. She's right.. what about the golden rule? Now there was a time when I was less stand up for myself-y and more doormat-y. But I'm a big girl now and I'm not one for taking $h!T from people. Every now and then I'll keep my mouth shut but usually that's because someone has slipped me some serious dough (joke). The funny thing is the ones that I stand up to usually go all whiny and tell on me and result in me getting a lecture. Which is what happened.. I got a lecture as a result of the whining.. but I guess we both got a talking to.. Recognizing each other's value.. etc etc. Anyway, just a teeny vent was all.

So I'm home now and I'm walking around like I was in a bull riding contest last night. DIRTY! Get your mind out of the gutter. If you read yesterday's post, you'll know I revisited my old weight loss stomping grounds.. the gym. I did that press thingie between my legs at 50 lbs a pop for about 70 reps and GOOD LORD my inner thighs are KILLING me. It wasn't too bad this morning, a little sore but not the ridiculousness that I'm showing in my not so sexy stride. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel better because Mel and I are hitting the gym tomorrow night. That's right folks.. that would be TWICE in one week. :)) I knew you'd be proud.

Last night I made a really yummy apple crumble with a low points value. I'll have to post the recipe later. Tonight for dinner I'm having a cuke & tomato salad (with olive oil/red wine vinegar); 3 oz of sirloin; brown rice.. Doesn't that sound YUMMY! I can smell the steak so I'd better run back to the kitchen.

Tomorrow's my weigh day.. wish me luck!


Amanda said...

Good luck at your WI tomorrow! I know you will be fine and after this great week back OP, you should be sooo proud!

Superjayman's Battle of the Bulge said...'re back!!!!!

Candace said...

I'll be looking for that apple crumbly. Right now I just try to avoid it when it's baked.

melissious said...

woo-hoo, we did it!!! that was fun. I'm supposed to be booking a rental car right now (AND putting the kids to bed at the same time, go figure) but I'm rebelling to check your blog. :D
I'm sleeeeepy!! I need a waterproof computer so I can take a bath and book my rental car at the same time. Okay, Emmett's throwing a football at the fireplace, ttyl

Swizzlepop said...

I totally had my mind in the gutter, sorry (blushes and hangs heand in shame while giggling)

WOOHOO for 2 days at the gym. You are back with a BANG! I realize that I am totally late in commenting but I'm trying to catch up.