Friday, November 23

Black Friday!

Wow, I am completely out of whack today!

First, Thanksgiving was crazy, chaotic but a lot of fun. There were people everywhere doing something, whether in the kitchen helping (or just getting in the way) to the living room with just the boys watching some football. It was wall to wall kids too! But even though I escaped a few times to "have a rest" in the guest room and Mel and I at one point were hiding in another part of the house (while we listened to the search party look for us), I love a crazy Thanksgiving. My morning started at about 6:00 am yesterday and I didn't get in until about 10:30 pm. Oh yesterday I brought over a homemade cheesecake to my neighbor. I felt like such a nerd.. I couldn't just think of it like I was doing something nice.. I just felt like a big cheese ball. But anyway, my neighbor was really sweet and made the moment of the handover not as awkward as I dreaded. Yesterday I did really well with my points only dipping into my flex by 3 or 4 and that included dessert. Yay! I hope the scale reflects this come Tuesday morning.

Today, at 4 am, Mel and I braved our first Black Friday shopping spree. We hit Kohl's which was a MADHOUSE. The line to check out wrapped around the back of the store BOTH WAYS. I'm kinda a nut about crowds (don't love 'em at all) so I pretty much felt nauseous the whole time. We were LOST, no experience with this kind of shopping. We saw some pros.. one woman brought her own large box (clearly she thought about about the whole "too many people, not enough carts" thing). We ended up with some great stuff. I ended up buying a really pretty pair of diamond earrings for my mom for 69 bucks (reg. price $200)!!! I'm still a bit lost about who I'm buying for and what I'm getting them, but I did at least make a start. We hit Target (which we love but weren't impressed with the "big sales" they've been boasting about), Best Buy and then a quick stop at Old Navy in the mall. I got back home around 9 am, climbed into bed and slept until about 12. I lay in bed for a LONG while then got up and went to the gym and kicked the elliptical's butt for about 35 minutes.. WOOT! Came back home, had a bit of Turkey Day leftovers and then back to bed. Which leads me to now... :)

I have about 8 points left so I think I'm gonna go get a snack, have some tea and chill in bed watching tv. Aaah....

I hope you all had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Talk to you soon.


melissious said...

Okay, my day is a total blur. I have no idea what these kids did all day. I mean, I was awake, but I have no idea what I did!! My eyes are burning, I'm so tired. And Glenn's being an @$$ (AGAIN, I'm getting pretty sick of this!!) Wow, can't believe you went to the gym! My legs are SOoooo sore from kicking that kitchenaide around!! It was fun, though - great memories!!

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Love the improvements to your site.. Very Nice and warm! :))