Friday, November 9

Fallen off the fat ass wagon...

So, I'm home watching Oprah, ok now it's the evening news because for once I got to go home early and didn't work a 90 hour week (ok, I'm exaggerating)... The Osmonds were on and oh they are all so cute. But anyway, I digress.. Today I worked until 11:30, went to the grocery store, (100 bucks, not too shabby) and prepared for another week of eating right. Ahem. And now I'm home, in my cozy yet at the same time a bit chilly home..

So this is where I am.. sorta having a love/hate relationship with the fall, holidays and you guessed it, my weight. Now the fall is so beautiful and Melissa and I were talking about this yesterday.. if we're not careful, we may just drive off the road with all the tree admiration going on. See attached (please excuse the low quality pic. It's my camera phone) But back to the love/hate thing..I realized again that this, my weight, is something I'll always face, hopefully not always at this size, but it will always be work, sometimes it will be harder than others. That kinda sucks. I started WW again... I can look at that last statement two ways. What a loser.. I had to start ww again because my butt refuses to stop spreading everytime I down a pan of brownies OR I could say YAY, I have it in me to do something about my weight struggle.

I kind of had a realization today when I was arranging my fresh flowers.. after trying to make them look "perfect" I realized that I'm a little too hard on myself.

I think I have some things to be proud of:
1. I started WW this week, Monday to be exact and to date have only used 2 of my Flex Points. So we could say that I'm having a good week.

2. Twice, maybe three times this week I had to deal with the office "ordering out". Oh, it was tough.. they ordered from my now favorite Chinese place and they kept torturing me. So mean! Or maybe they are teasing me because they are blind to how big my butt really is and they think I don't need a diet. :) But anyway, I ate the lunch I brought and that was that!

3. I went grocery shopping and bought all good stuff. I did buy brownie mix but I always bake for the guys on Wednesdays so that doesn't quite count.

4. I actually THOUGHT about the gym today. I'm thinking I may make an appearance tomorrow or Sunday. Haven't decided which day yet.

5. I made it back to my blog. I think it's good for me to write here, vent, share, receive and give feedback..

Thanks to those who even thought about my teeny tiny blog and gave a rats ass about how I was doing. I never forgot about my blog or you guys. I just felt a bit guilty that I had fallen off the fat ass wagon and didn't quite know what to say.

Hopefully I'll be entertaining both me and you with my writing for many months to come.


swizzlepop said...

You're back! I've missed you! ANd congrats for joing WW again. Who cares if it's again, you did it right? And you came back to us right? I'm so happy you're back! I hope you start posting like before I know it helped me and I'm guessing it helped you too.

Jo said...

Welcome back! It sounds like you are starting out well this time around. And you're so right - you are doing something about it, so give yourself a big pat on the back!! Take care.

Anonymous said...

You're back.. Finallllyyyyyy!! I've checked every day waiting for you to return.. We've all missed you. Glad your Okay and you've jumped back on the fat ass wagon.. :))) Welcome Back!

Amanda said...

I'm glad you are back!!! Who cares if you started least you came back and that is what counts. I know it's hard, but you can do this!! Keep up with your will really help! SO glad you are back!

Candace said...

Welcome back. I was a regular reader before the hiatus and am so glad Swizz let us all know you were back. Nice to see the positive attitude again. And Yay, for realizing you need support and getting it.

WeightBGone said...

Welcome back! You have been missed and I am happy to see you back on board again with the rest of us.