Thursday, November 29

Heart Rate - Activity Intensity

Ok, so I found my answer on the WW website...

Here is the link if you are interested in the full article:
The Article

Below is the estimated formula for measuring your maximum heart rate:
220 minus your age in years.

So for me, that would be 220 - 29 = 191 MHR

Now the level of intensity is as follows:
40-54% of MHR for me that means 76.4 to 103.0 - Low intensity
55-69% of MHR for me that means 105.0 to 131.8 - Moderate intensity
> or = 70% of MHR for me that means 133.7 and over - High intensity

I got a comment about high intensity should be something that makes me breathe so hard I can't talk but I'm never like that on the elliptical. I am breathing harder than normal and am tired but am never so out of breath that I can't speak. I guess that's what the site means about "perceived exertion". The thing is my heart rate was over 150 then ENTIRE time.. and at many points was in the 160's. To be safe, last night I calculated my activity points at moderate activity so that I didn't overestimate but now it looks like I should have used the high intensity measure. What do you guys do?


Sonya said...

hum, that's interesting...

I'm going to have to figure out mine so I know. It would be great to be able to say I was doing some high intensity and still able to speak!

Sonya said...

hey just noticed...what happens if you are at a rate of 132? lol...

melissious said...

Is that the one you were watching? That's awesome. I want to be a size 2!!!