Tuesday, November 13

Doggy Treat Anyone?

So, I'm reporting my weigh in today as a starting point because when I started WW last week I refused to get on the scale. Like you haven't done this. :)
The scale said 182.8 lbs. I was a bit frustrated this morning because that's the highest that I think my weight has ever been that I've known about and wow, what a long road I have to get to my goal... one day at a time right?

I have two funnies today.. one is a joke I heard from a co-worker. The other is a true story that happened today.

First, the joke (hopefully no one gets offended)
Three reasons why I think Jesus was black: one, he called everyone "brother"; two, he lived at home until he was 30; three, he couldn't get a fair trial.

Now the story:
I brought my doggy to work today which she loves because she gets to hang out with mommy all day long. She is a bit apprehensive toward men but seems to relax around the guys that are in the office. Well there is this one particular man that she growls at and he just thinks he can get her to warm up to him. I am always telling him to give Polly space. He's one of those that is convinced that every dog loves him. Well, not Polly. So once again she was growling at him so I gave him two treats and said "maybe this will help"... Well after a few minutes he said "this is supposed to help her like me?" and that's when I noticed he was chewing on something. I said "are you EATING the dog treat?!?" He said, "yes, I thought that it was for the dog to like my breath"... He continued to chew on it for a few minutes and when he realized it was intended for him to FEED TO THE DOG he went outside to spit it out. When he came back inside I said "where's the other treat?" To which he replied, "I threw it out. You can't give a dog that. It tastes terrible". AS IF! That is some sheer brilliance.


Amanda said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! That is hilarious!!!! I can't believe he ATE the dog treat! What a trip!

Thanks for the laugh!!!

Colette said...

haha I love the joke too funny!!

Dudes are dummies!! Ate the doggie treat what a retard!! HAHAHA

Candace said...

Um, which one is the joke?
Tell your co-worker we appreciated the laugh.

melissious said...

Okay, I was sitting here looking at that picture like "Why the HECK is that named 'Have You Met Polly?'" Couldn't figure out WHAT it was. I thought it was like a closeup of the headlight on your car or something. It was only when I scrolled down and half the picture was cut off that I saw it was Polly's head poking in the bathtub. She's a voyeur like her mommy, hee hee!

MMalloy said...

It's great to see you back!! Thanks for the laugh!

Swizzlepop said...

LMAO that is classic! I can't believe he didn't know it was a dog treat and that he ate it AND that he threw the second one out. OMG too too funny, how did you not just pee from laughing?

Love the joke, totally funny. I love ethnic jokes/humor. Plus it takes a lot to offend me ;p