Saturday, November 10

Weekends = Do Nothing = I love it!

First, I have to give a big ol' thank you to Swizzlepop. I just can't believe how sweet she is to post on her blog about me. I don't do this often but I feel the need to give her an interweb hug... ((((((((Swizzle))))))) You're the best!

So, you're here because of curiosity, an accident, were directed by my Weightwatchen pal or you just plain stalked me.. whatever the reason, thank you for stopping at my page and lending me some support. I do need it for sure.

The other day I was walking down "When I Was Skinny Lane", looking at old pictures, thinking about just how tiny my waist used to be and then I realized, hell, why can't I do that again? I don't have to let my life be a contest to see just how big I can get (that's from Kevin James' standup). I think sometimes I get on this losing weight kick (trust me, I hope it's not just a kick) because I totally get sick and tired of myself and just *have* to do something about it. Ya know?

Today was another good day. This one day a time thing was a pretty inventive idea. If I don't worry about tomorrow and give myself a break for my yesterdays, then life, my weight, my stupid household chores will all be easy (or just a tad easier) to deal with.

Can I just say how much I love lazy Saturdays? Wearing my slippers that scream HOT SEX (NOT), sweatpants, oversized tee... I love dressing up but I love NOT dressing up too. :) I spent part of the day cooking (homemade chicken noodle soup AND crockpot chicken stew with potatoes, green beans, carrots and onions) and the other part I spent IN BED. I watched tv, took a nap, made a Target list (that would be a "go to Target" list), typed a few sentences on a book I'm starting and now I'm here. Does that sound like the perfect day or what? I love a lazy weekend.


Sonya said...

Hi there,

I was directed here by Swizzle! Good luck on the journey ahead. You can do it!!! We're all here to support you - even on lazy saturdays!

Swizzlepop said...

*blushing* You seriously have no idea how happy I was to see you back. ANd now 2 days of posts in a row WOOHOO.

"let my life be a contest to see just how big I can get" OMG I totally used to feel like this when my clothes kept getting tighter. Every once in a while as I ate a buttload of chips or fries I would think "hmm wonder what would happen if I just gave up? How big could I get?" Then I'd snap back, smack myself and move on. I say we start a new contest, the "small waisted and healthy for life" :) or something like that. If only the twisted self talk went the other way like "hmmm just how long will it take me to look HOT and stay HOT?"

I have to go to Target too. Too bad you live across teh country, we could go together, although you'd probably make me pee y pants in one of the aisles but it would be fun LOL.