Monday, July 23

Confession Time

So after posting comments on a couple of blogs out there, I felt the need to confess. Hope you're sitting down because this is what I've consumed in about 4 days...Chinese food (21 pts each serving and I had two!!), Rita's Italian Ice AND custard, McDonald's breakfast, 5 BOXES of Hostess 100's. Wow, it felt good to get that off my chest. Thank God I start CP25K tomorrow and that my new week begins on Tuesday. I know I'm gonna have a gain which SUCKS but I have next week to get back on track. I'd better get to bed if I plan on waking up at 5 FREAKIN' 30. I am looking forward to this week though. Thursday I'm headed to Ocean City with some of my girls and hopefully my best friend... I haven't been there in YEARS, so that will be so nice to play volleyball on the beach, sleep in the sun and get even darker (don't be jealous)... WOOT! Ok, I at least have to get IN bed now. Have a great week ya'll!!


melissious said...

Hey!! I'm still up too. Jake's still up!! Pete & Jessica came over. I played volleyball with Auston, he's really good for a 6 year old! We put the other ones to bed around 9, just kept Jake up so he could play with Auston.
YES, we're going Tuesday night. I need to get a present too! We should go together tomorrow night. Want to go bump the vball around tomorrow night at the gym? Oh, just read you're starting your training, sheesh. You're gonna be dead. I did so bad this week. No internet gave me the excuse to screw up on WW. Tomorrow's a new day. I seriously need exercise, that's the kicker for me. I def. want to go Thursday, just haven't mentioned it to Glenn yet.
P. Brian tomorrow night at 8:30. Pray!

MMalloy said...

Today is the day...starting CP25K!! Good luck today. Thursday sounds like a fun time, I can't wait for next week when I will be up North for 8 days!!!

Swizzlepop said...

Are you carb loading for the big training week? 5 boxes you crazy girl. I knew that buying 8 was a bad sign. MODERATION lady ;p

Oh well, at least you acknowledged it and are ready to move on.

Not that my Saturday was great wiht that bottle of wine....That was more than a box of the Hostess huh? I'll have to remember that next time. Although I think a box of those things would make me sick, it's good to know they are less than a bottle of wine. LOL