Tuesday, July 24

"We're NOT gonna take it..."


That's a 2.8 lb gain! :(

I guess all my *indiscretions* did catch up to me this week. Wow, I really went completely overboard. And I was as ready as I could be for that number. I even got on and off the scale about 10 times. I'm not gonna take that! It sucks and I didn't even want to post today and want to quit because sometimes I'm sick of this fight. But I AM gonna fight back. CP25K Day 2, here I come (tomorrow). I'm back and badder than ever!

I will read up on ya'll later as I have to get my you-know-what to work.

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Steph said...

So sorry about the gain but good for you for fighting back!!! It is obvious from your pictures that you know how to work the plan - you are beautiful!!!