Thursday, July 19

Yawwn.. stretch

First can I say your comments are the bomb... they totally make my day! I'm working on my comments back to you guys.. I feel so guilty when I don't write back. It's just not a strength of mine. I've been away for a couple of days too (not away, away - just not blogging) so I have some catching up to do... I'll get back to ya soon! In the meantime continue to naked tushy shake (or for those who feel it necessary to abide by the laws of the land - keep your clothes on and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE).

About my title.. I need a nap. I've been pretending too long to be 18 and it's catching up! I mean today I actually took a snooze at lunchtime in my car!! I haven't done that since oh, I don't know, I was 19 and actually lived off an hour or two of sleep every night. Wow, good ol' days, huh? So I finally decided to get my butt in bed at a decent hour the last couple of nights and what happens? I watch endless amounts of tv (I've heard the tv in your bedroom interrupts your REM cycle speech). I'm addicted to So You Think and my new favorite is Don't Forget The Lyrics. Finally I drift off to some creepy Dateline episode (ps. I've been in love with Stone Phillips since I was 10) only to be WIDE AWAKE a few hours later and because I have nothing better to do I end up going into work an hour/hour and a half earlier. I'm thinking of ideas that have worked in the past.. a bath before bedtime is nice - doesn't get me sleepy but I definately relax. I think what I really need to do is get some one on one vball time with Melissa, soak in her jacuzzi then I should be more than able to count some sheep. :) Oh, I already forgot whose blog I read it on about the Couch to 5K training. I decided yesterday or was it Tuesday that I'm gonna do that too! I'll definately conk out before 11 doing that! I start on Monday and one of my friends is going to run "with" me and by with me I mean we're both waking up at the same time in completely different counties and will call each other, say a quick prayer (seriously) and then pound the pavement. I'm so excited because I used to run a few miles at least 3-4 times a week and maybe I can get in that shape again that I once was. Oh yeah, check back tomorrow because I'm gonna post some of my "befores"... even some from the first time around at WW. Have a great night ya'll!


Swizzlepop said...

This is going to sound really creepy but I will say it anyway knowing that you will understand. This morning I get out of the shower and look down (totally blind mind you because I can't see w/o my contacts but I can see shapes and such) and notice that my thigh is jiggling much less these days and actually taking on a nice shape (YAY stairs!). Then I thought, "hmmm, if I were Tina I'd probably do the nekkid dance right now...only in front of the mirror LOL." Then I realized that I'm just not ready for that. Sure I can look at myself while getting ready, I have to if I want to be sure that everything is contained appropriately, but I'm not ready to shake it.

As for the sleeping, yes no TV while sleeping! But you already know that. Make sure your room is DARK any light also disturbs the sleep cycles (I have 3 sleeping disorders trust me!). Try some chamomile tea or warm milk with FF coco or a teensy teaspoon of chocolate. You will sleep SO deep it's great.
Good luck on the CP25K thing!

Amanda said...

Come join me on the C25K plan. :) It will be great, the water will be fine... :)

I love your quirkiness. Cracks me up!!

MMalloy said...

You are going to do so great on CP25K, I think it is awesome so many people are getting into the same training program, more support!!!
I hope you can get some good sleep I to have been suffering from lack of sleep and it really throws everything off for me.

melissious said...

Sheesh, I'm overwhelmed by all your posts! I kept checking back and you hadn't in a few days, then I'm offline for a few days and there are like a million new ones! And, HEY, when are we going to do some v-ball?!?! I was just thinking of that today, and you were too and we didn't tell each other! :( Oh, and I was reading your other comments and thought they were talking about a 25K (but it was "2" meaning "to" I think, ha ha!)
It's been way too long! Oh, and who is running "with" you??