Monday, July 2

No excessive speeds!

Just wanted to keep ya'll updated on my colon's state. You're welcome. :) Right now we are approaching the middle lane of the highway. No excessive speeds - we seem to be keeping up with the flow of traffic. I was a little nervous because I thought for sure I'd have to take a vacation day or at least half day because of all my toilet time. But things seem to be normal.

It's the day before WI and I'm hoping that all my convention hoopla-ing last week has not resulted in a gain. But I'm preparing myself mentally for one just in case!

I walked into a crazy day here - most of the phone lines were ringing at the same time when I walked in at 8:10 (we don't open until 9). Definitely an indicator of how the day would go. Boss is kinda in an impatient mood because we've had some customer trying to get something for nothing. He's not fully taking it out on me but he's a little testy today which makes me a little snappy too. I think I'm kinda PMSing too - FUN! Plus one of the secretaries is ALWAYS having hot flashes so we are in a constant battle over whether 72 degrees inside and outside is a nice temperature. She wants the AC on. I don't. I'm winning, for now. Ok, well I have to go. Lots more work to do. Boss said he wants to close the office early tomorrow (YAY) so I'll end up having about a day and a half off. LOVE IT! What're ya'll doing for the 4th?

UPDATE: Totally winning the AC battle. My boss just said "why the heck is the AC on? It's freakin' 70 degrees outside! (the sneak put it on when I wasn't lookin') Oh, and I totally had a "omg I have to go NOW or else" bathroom moment.


melissious said...

Okay, well I did the first dose. Nothing yet! I read the bottle and it says "drink slowly during the 4 hours following." What the heck does that mean?! I'm supposed to drink it constantly for 4 hours??? Then repeat? You're right, it's not bad tasting. Not good tasting either, but I think I can handle it. I had one of my famous salads for lunch (romain, mandarine oranges, gorgonzola cheese, tomatoes & balsamic dressing.) It was YUMMY. Hope your day gets a little easier! Hey, are you coming to Mom & Dad's after church Weds? We're doing our own fireworks, woo-hoo! :)
P.S. No excessive speeds here yet either.

Swizzlepop said...

LMAO at the OMG moment! Hope the cleanse is going well. I'm back from vacation and trying to catch up. I had Indian 2 nights before we left for HI and LOVED IT and totally thought of you LOL. Hope all is well, must continue to catch up.