Monday, July 30

I forgot what my catchy title was gonna be today...

Wow, it's been waay too long away from my blog. You'd think I have a ton to write about but... I don't. Some quick updates from last week for my hungry readers. ;)

Da Beach - I won't spend too much time talking about this because I don't want to make ya'll jealous. Hee hee. Ok, so I had on a bikini (yikes!) and got a FABULOUS tan... and a little burned on my nose and cheeks. I also bared my hip to the Henna tattoo guy. Got a little genie lamp with writing that says "I dream of...". I've been thinking for years that I may get a permanent one but wasn't sure what I wanted. I think that may be it. Anyway, he didn't seem all that excited to be writing on me. Kinda like the gyno I guess.. Probably gets tired of looking at the same thing all day long I guess, although my hips aren't exactly like the ones I was seeing at the beach. *Shrug* The girls and I stopped about five million times on the drive to Ocean City. One good stop was the produce stand where we got a bunch of yummy fruit (tomatoes, nectarines, peaches, strawberries). I did well for the earlier part of the day, mainly laying on the beach, drinking my water, reading mags and eating fruit. Mel and I played vball for what felt like 9 hours but it was probably about 15-20 minutes. Mel swears it was only for 2 minutes. I think she's lying. :) Anyway, the sun and sand were hot and I was huffin' and puffin' right away... wow, I can't wait till I can play for hours again. After that, we played in the water for a while (actually Mel played, I watched her play) and then back to the beach to lay in the sun again. At one point I took off my top (was laying face down) and this woman kept staring at me. Geesh, it wasn't like I was face up people! Oh, maybe she liked me. :) I'm thinking no. Hmm, what else? Some more volleyball, eating on the boardwalk (yikes again), sleeping on the beach, talking with the girls, sand angels (I really am a kid sometimes), eating at Waterman's... was such a good time. Mel kept trying to talk me into staying but I had to get back to work the next day along with a few of the other girls. I'll post some pictures when I get them uploaded to the puter.

Da Weekend - It was a good weekend but I've been so LAZY and not feelin' so hot. I'm kind of PMSing so I'm not in the mood to hang out and do stuff. I just want to be in bed or at the very least hanging out in my room listening to music. Got some laundry done, did a bit of cleaning, went to Jake's 4 y.o. birthday party (for a few minutes), church... not that exciting. This weekend I'm taking the girls to NYC so I'm gearin' up for that. I've stayed there before but don't remember where. Any ideas on a central location? We're gonna do and see everything possible.

Monday, Monday - Me and my alarm are not friends. I hit the Snooze from 530a until 610a. But I got up and did my run (Day 3/Week 1)! And can I say, it's getting easier. I didn't huff and puff at all. The only difficult part is that it's about 3000% humidity here so I feel like I'm drenched even before I begin - gross. And why is it that I was sweating more when I stopped then while I was actually exercising. At any rate, Polly is lovin' the morning jogs.. And she's getting better and better each time too. I'm thinking I may do Day 1/Week 2 tonight when I get home but we'll see. Maybe tomorrow....

Weigh in tomorrow and I'm biting my nails. I just FEEL fat and like I've had a gain. If so, I may have to take it out on the evil box. Gotta read up on my girls' blogs. I'll get to that later today or tonight. I'm supposed to be working (busy!!). Have a great OP day!

ps. Wow, I guess I did have a lot to say.


Amanda said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Sooo jealous of the bikini and the tan though. :)

Skinny vibes for your WI tomorrow!!

Swizzlepop said...

YAY you're back! Sounds like you had a great time, can't wait to see pics!
I'm headed to D.C./PA tonight for 5 days and am NOT looking forward to the humidity that I keep hearing about. This CA girl does not do well with East Coast summers LOL.

Glad you're back and good luck at WI!

WeightBGone said...

Welcome back you were missed. Sounds like you had a great time. Kudos to you for the tan and bikini. Good luck at WI tomorrow!