Monday, July 23

CP25K - FIRST DAY!!! <----- NSV

Hi bloggin' friends!

It took 2 alarms and about 5 snoozes but I got my sorry ass out of bed and started training at 6:15 this morning! WOOT! Wow, it was difficult. I was huffing and puffing the first 30 seconds. Feeling like you're gonna die before you've got 60 seconds under your belt can't be good. Even my dog looked at me a little funny like "what's with all the exercise?". But I did it! Good times though and I feel good, tired and already a little sore but good! Ps. I think I'm sore partly because Dasha insisted on wrestling with me the other night and I had to put her over my shoulder and carry her around the house. Damn youth - she wasn't even winded!

On another note, I got a dozen roses today as a thank you for all "my hard work" last week. They're so beautiful! Wow, that's such a nice feeling to get noticed. What a surprise!

I hope everyone is having a great day. Keep your fingers crossed for my WI tomorrow. I think I had a gain (if you read my last blog you'll know why). I'll be happy to maintain and if not, I'm gonna kick my weight's @SS this week!! Hiyaaaaa!


Amanda said...

WOO HOO!!! Workout 1 done. Good job for getting up and getting it done. That's awesome!

Swizzlepop said...

YAY for flowers AND especially for working out! That is great! You should get a heart monitor to see how many calories you're burning.

You will not catch me running but I will totally be here to cheer you on! Keep it up!!!!

Swizzlepop said...


Is that your traing uniform?

Swizzlepop said...

I now declare that your weight ass kicken outfit! :)

melissious said...

Ha ha, you're so goofy. Can you kick my weight's @$$ while you're at it, please? I don't know all the kung-fu stuff.
I feel the need to confess too, I had a kid's meal from Chick-fil-A today. What is WRONG with me?! Oh, and just found out there IS volleyball tonight after all, and I already made plans, arrrrg. I might go from 6-8, we'll see. I'm going to ask my dad if P. Brian is usually a pretty punctual person. Nice way to start off a counselling session, huh? Being late. HEE HEE

melissious said...

Oh, and I'm on for the beach!!! We can take my sweet ride, of course. Glenn wants me to talk you into staying overnight. We totally should!! I know how you are about work, though, but COME ON!!! ;) It would be a BLAST. You, me & four girls to keep us young. hmmmm, not sure if that sounds right... oh well.