Saturday, July 21

Hostess & Hershey

I will start by thanking swizzlepop for her reminder that I was missing everything Hostess... the other night I ran out the house after I had already committed to the pj's, changed (this never happens) and then went to Walmart. I cruised up and down the aisles until I found the snack I've been separated from for I think a few weeks... Hostess 100. Oh and I bought 8 boxes!

When I got to the checkout, the chiquita banana said to me "You on WW?". Kinda personal, caught me off guard but I said "yep, 16 weeks" and proceeded to tell her that I struggled the first 5 because I didn't lose any weight and she told me how that was weird and was I doing anything wrong, etc. Lil annoying. Then we got in conversation about the cakes itself and she said I was wrong to think that the yellow ones were 1.5 point. That WW doesn't believe in the 1/2 point. Now unless they've changed things, I never learned otherwise, especially if I'm using a POINTS CALCULATOR and that's what it's telling me. When I said PC she backed off and said "oh, you have a a calculator".. I didn't feel the need to explain that I didn't "have" a calculator but I USE an online one.. same difference. When she was done annoying me she said that Hershey has some kind of new candy out there in three different flavors (Hershey Caramel, Hershey Mint.. and something else) but she said for one 6 inch stick of chocolate it was 1 point. Just wondering if anyone has tried them or knows what the hell she's talking about... Poor lady, she caught me on a cravings night is all. I should go find her and give her a hug.


Swizzlepop said...

8?! OMG! It's NOT my fault I swear! ;)
A hug, I'd give her a smack for being so annoying and personal and NOT knowing how points works. You are far nicer than I am :)
I've heard of the Hershy's 100 cals and seen them but I have yet to try them. I only stock up when they are on sale and my cupboards are currently full *oops*.

If only Hostess would come out with 100 cal Twinkies, Ding Dong's and HoHo's. That would take me back! :)
Try freezing the cupcakes ;p

Melanie said...

I've tried both the caramel and milk chocolate hershy sticks. I like the milk chocolate ones better. They are really good if you need that chocolate fix! I had a heck of a time finding them in the store!!

melissious said...

Oh no you di-n't just say "I ran out the house." I'm surprised you didn't say out DA house. :D

melissious said...

No annoying my BF when I'm not there to bash her back with ya. And what the HECK yes they do do 1/2 points - at least online they do.