Saturday, July 21

Friday, Friday... Na, na, na, nana, na

Ok this was my Friday..

I typically hate Fridays because usually something goes wrong at the office and the owner is away and I'm left to work late figuring everything out. He came in in the morning which I love (I've been in training for the last 6 months to take over so he doesn't have to come in), we got a lot of things accomplished and then he was gone by 11. Pretty smooth day so far, busy but no real problems.

Then my phone rang at 2 and guess who it was. The voice on the other end said, You're not gonna love me when I tell you this.. I geared up and said "what's up". He then told me about his 16 nephew that was flying in from Holland. He had checked the flight and he was already arriving. At this point I'm thinking "wow, I have to leave now to make it to Baltimore".. at least 1.5 hour drive. Well, that's when he said he was at the Baltimore airport but that didn't do any good because his nephew came into Philadelphia!! Oh, Pete how we love the ADD and dissaray which is your brain. Seriously, he's one of the smartest most talented people we know but there are some things that should not be left to him... or left alone with him. :) So I said "don't say another word, just tell me who I'm looking for and where I should go". I flew out of the office, arrived at Philly with zero problems, parked, ran inside and spotted him immediately. That family has some STRONG genes. It did help that he's about 7 ft tall and a kid. Not entirely too common. I drove him back to Pete's house where Pete and his wife (who scolded Pete for asking me) thanked me. They think they owe me but that's not how friendship works with me I guess.. Don't have a score chart of who did what last. I love being there for my friends.

Friday evening I spent hanging out in my room, got a few phone calls but I went to bed early only to wake up this morning at 4ish AM...back to sleep at 6ish.. back up at 8ish.. back to sleep at 11 and at 2 this afternoon, I'm finally up. Geesh, it's practically Sunday!

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