Sunday, July 1

Droppin' the kids off... the pool.

So today, my best friend and I started a cleanse together. We went into GNC to find something that would "clean us out" (sorry) and got help from the guy behind the counter that went a little something like this.

Me to GNC guy: Dude, do you know which one of these will make me sit on the toilet all day long? Because I don't want that one. *My best friend objects because she does not have to leave the house all day long if she does not choose, I on the other hand do.
GNC guy to me: Uh, well, I think they are not like that. They will get ya movin' but I think (love this word when dealing with a professional) are pretty gentle.
Me: You think?
GNC dude: Well, actually the liquids are stronger than the pills so you might get a stronger cleanse. *Again with the indefinite words like "might". I mean, I think that's how they work.

GNC guy continues to rample on about which ones he wants to try but they "smell nasty" or he is "too scared". Way to market your products buddy. Now I've decided to ignore GNC guy and make up my own mind. So I start having a conversation with the bff about which cleanse we think we want. Liquid or pills. We look at prices and decide that because they are pretty comparable we will just figure out which ones we will do the best on. There was a 21 day cleanse that we ruled out because we both have extreme cases of ADD and I honestly don't think I could focus on a poopin' regimine for 3 wks. Then there was the two week one which got ruled out for the same reasons. Now we are in 7 day and 2 day territory. We figured a 2 day-er was better than 7 days. We both hate pills and we hate liquids and since there didn't seem to be a cleanse in a Hershey's candy bar, we had to decide on one of the two. We chose liquid that swore to have "great taste" to which I rolled my eyes. It was either that or the horse pills. I've had my second dose. Kinda like apple juice with a bit of medicine aftertaste. IMHO, it isn't all that bad. It is one point per serving (need 4 per day) but I plan to have lots of fruits and veggies the next couple of days. Can't wait to feel the results!! :) I'll keep ya posted.

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MMalloy said...

Good luck with the cleanse Tina. I keep telling myself I should do this but I am with GNC Dude "I'm too scared"!! your results might inspire me to try it out!