Tuesday, July 3

Want Cinnabun?

So I know I had a little too much fun at convention last week and to be quite honest toward the end of the week I stopped writing everything down. Bad move, I know. I knew that I was starting fresh today and that no matter what the scale said I'd get back on track this week. I knew I'd probably see a gain...I mean, c'mon - PB Fudge cake, chicken tikka, french fries. Wow, I really did have fun.

I braced myself and got on the scale this morning and I'm up 1.6. That wasn't the kicker. I was ready for it, kinda. The next part is why I'm so ticked. When I go into work on Tuesdays my co-worker (who is doing ww with me) and I report on our progress. She lost a pound (yay her!). I told her what the scale said for me this morning and one of the guys overheard and said "YOU had a GAIN?". After I said yes, 1.6 lbs he said "want a Cinnabun?" and then laughed. To which I replied with a not so endearing term, referring to his lower parts (namely where the sun don't shine). Aaaaah! I know it's stupid and I probably shouldn't be so mad, but I'm PMSing AND had a gain. For crying out loud I have been workin' my ass off at losing this weight!@ I'm not like his perfectly sculpted body (NOT) who has probably never had a weight problem and can eat an entire house without as much as a bloat. Breathe Tina, breathe.

I just talked to one of my other guy friends here who is starting weightwatchers (for the second time and BTW he looks good!) and told him that I gained this week. He was like "no biggie, that'll come off in the next two weeks because it's not a real gain". I LOVE him. Oh and my boss just called and said we can leave at noon. We've been going back and forth and last night he said we could leave at 3. But yay! I'm so excited!! July 4th eve, here I come!


MMalloy said...

Your coworker is right, the gain will be gone in a week or two, so no biggie! I am so jealous you are getting off early, we almost always close down early on holiday eves but no word yet! Have a super fun 4th!!!

strawgirl said...

Don't sweat the gain. Your co-worker has a point. And good for you NOT having the cinnabun. :) Don't let the gain get you down. You will get it off--maybe even next week! YAY!!

Blonde Chick said...

Don't listen to people like that. That was a rude and smart-ass comment to make.

Keep up the hard work. We're all going to have bad weeks at one point or another. The key is to not let it stop your motivation.

melissious said...

All I got out of that was "mmmmm, I want a cinnabun!!" Hee hee!! Oh and who was it, who was it that said that to you?? I'm gonna come beat him up (of course, I CAN'T beat anyone up - my kids don't even cry when I spank them, come on.)
Hey, how's the cleanse? Why is it that the thing says 4 times a day for 2 days, and yet I've done it four times today and 4 yesterday, and now there is still a bunch left in there... ???

Calyn said...

Some people can be so rude...and it is just a reflection on themselves ;) Hope you have a great 4th of July!!!

WeightBGone said...

He was just being a rude jerk in my eyes and doesnt even deserve a second thought. You have a lot to be proud of so dont let anyone talk down to you. Hope your 4th is great.