Monday, July 30

New *Chocolate Fix* Finds!

So, I just got back from Target and I have to report on two things. One was recommended by annoying checkout lady in Walmart (remember her?) and the other I think I saw in a fashion magazine and forgot about until I went a choccolate hunting.

Find No. 1 - Hershey's Sticks are 1 pt per stick (60c/3.5f/0fr). They come in 3 flavors: Caramel, Mint and Milk Chocolate. OMG, quite the little candy. Tasty (as my girls would say) and it hits the spot if you're looking for a choc fix. Oh and compared to the one in the picture.. the actual size is about an inch longer and a tad thicker.

Find No. 2 - Hershey's Antioxidant Milk Chocolate - 5 pts/4 pieces (190c/12f/1fr) - These are comparable to a Ghiradelli's chocolate square and have a good taste to them as well. They do taste like a healthier chocolate but not healthier in a I need to scrub my tongue kind of way. I vote thumbs up.


Melanie said...

I love those Hershey sticks!!! ;-) I wonder if I have any left....

melissious said...

Hershey's Sticks - yum! Found them yesterday. Hope your day's going better!