Tuesday, February 12

Are daily servings of burgers and fries on the WW plan?

Wow, I had so many visitors yesterday. What fun! Thanks for stopping by. Since it is slow today, I will have some time to not do my work stalk you guys!

So I get an email from the bff saying "ignore all the stuff Greg wrote about you (on Facebook)". The HELL I will. I marched my butt over to Fb and looked to see what she meant and lmao. Serves her right for logging in as him. Greg's one of our pals and he barely knows how to use a computer. So Mel sets up everything for him. That means she knows his password. Forgetting that she was logged in as him, she editted the details about how we knew each other and put that we had lived together and listed three different places. They were the three different places MELISSA and I have lived together. She thought I had deleted her as my friend (as if)... my rule is only delete the crazies and the stalkers. I'll admit, she's getting close but she's UNdeletable in my book. Now the really funny thing is Mel and I just had a conversation yesterday about how I was glad she didn't have my email password because I just know she would be snooping around. She admitted she would be tempted but wouldn't snoop. I'm not so sure (btw, I know she's reading this). She says it's my fault because I told her to log in as him (I can't remember why - I think we wanted to see if he had written a girl). But that's not ALL my fault, is it? She wrote "be sure your sins will find you out". Hee hee. They sure will. Now onto other topics...

So this morning was my weigh in. I have to confess. I need to go grocery shopping. I eat HORRIBLY when I don't. I don't overeat.. I just choose all the wrong things and eat once a day. Like burgers and fries. Everyday. I also went thru my TOM on Thursday - Saturday. So I've been feeling "feed me salt"ish. And water? Don't even get me started.

Weigh in = NO change and for that I am offering up a big YAHOO. I'll take it.

Tonight I will get some groceries. And eat better. And eat fruit. Wow, I haven't had a piece of fruit in DAYS. Wait? Does a cherry filled pop tart count? Just kidding, no pop tarts for me.

As an NSV, I have been doing workouts at home. It's probably not helpful that I'm thinking all the while "this isn't gonna do a dang thing" but anyway, I've been doing 'em. So that's something! Gotta run. Will stalk you later.



Kate said...

You crack me up lol.

As far as the weigh in, there are some weeks I am just happy to get a reprieve lol. Sounds like this might have been one of those weeks for you ha ha.

And Pop Tarts and me? We were like Best Friends pre-WW's, but I quit cold turkey, lol.

Mental P Mama said...

Thanks for visiting...and keep up the good work. My friend Annie just joined WW. I can't do it because I consider wine to be my fruit serving. By the way, the dog vs. the snowman is too, too funny.

melissious said...

Oh my, where do I begin?? First things first, congrats on not GAINING after all the burgers & fries.
More importantly, I still blame you for my downfall. And I said I would NOT be tempted to check yours!!! UNLESS (and you know what the unless was.) :D Besides, I think I DO know your password. It's in the vault somewhere, so BE CAREFUL, missy!! (and no, that does NOT give you the right to call ME Missy, so don't you DARE.)
*As Tina clicks on Melissa's blog JUST to leave her a comment with "Missy" in it...*

melissious said...

P.S. Oh my gosh, WHO is that ADORABLE child on your blog today?? He should totally be a baby model or something!!!

suchsimplepleasures said...

yay for no change!!!
i'll be expecting you for scrolling saturday, then!!
have a good one!

melissious said...

Aw, CRAP. No wonder I couldn't log in this morning!
(Yeah, guys, it took her about 5 seconds to leave me a Missy post.)

dlyn said...

Hi - ran across your blog from your comment on someone else's. I am doing WW too - just wanted to say hi. Nice blog & I will be back to read it again!

Christine said...

Oh, absolutely. I do better if I have real food in the house. As opposed to "stuff I don't want to eat, and a giant tub of Starbucks Java Chip Ice Cream".

Thank God I finished THAT off, today. Back to the real food!

And thanks for de-lurking. Mr Backrub is awesome, and I shall see him next Thursday...

Amanda said...

Congrats on NOT gaining!

And burgers and fries....yum!! :)

HappyBlogChick said...

I know what you mean about shopping. The grocery shopping thing is a killer for me ... if I don't have good food in the house I make crap decisions. But I hate grocery shopping! It's a sad sad reality.

Good for you for doing workouts at home. They DO do a dang thang, so keep up the good work.

(Hee hee hee, I said doo doo.)

Jane the Sane said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good for you for doing WW. I keep thinking I'll try it sometime. I eat too much junk food. Get yourself to the store soon but don't go hungry!

Swizzlepop said...

Is that one of Mel's adorable dippers? I hear ya on hte no food in the house. Happens to us all the time and that is when we start to eat crap. I say we because the husband and I eat the same stuff.

Yay for no gain after burgers and fries. MickyDs fries? Those are the best :) And YAY for home exercise. I need to do that. UGH