Sunday, February 10

Polly does naughty things

I wonder the thought process that Polly has when she is being tempted. Oooh, I want that stuffed animal even though mommy always says 'No' when I get near it. Or it's lots of fun to make the kitty cat growl at me. Or it's hilarious when me and mommy are playing outside and then she calls me and I just run off like I never heard her. That's my favorite.

Two Christmases ago I received a plush, light up snowman from my mom. I LOVE snowmen and I get them every year as gifts either from others or from me to me. This particular snowman was my fast favorite and because she (it was definitely a girl) had a country-ish theme, I could keep it out the whole winter. Because I have a hard enough time putting away my Christmas stuff, it was nice to be able to leave this decoration out just because it was 'wintry'. And this is what happened when said decoration was left out.

And this is who did it. I could have killed her but obviously I didn't. I mourned and moved on.
And this is my beloved kitty, Pip. He never chews anything. Except the Christmas lights but that was a long time ago and a completely different story.


Kate said...

Ahh you have to love the "Mom but it was stuffed, it had to be for me!" look. Duke was really bad about chewing things when he was a puppy (he's now 5!), but now he's an angel, unless of course a guy picks me up for a date at the house, and then well, that's a different story, i better leave nothing of value out...can we say jealous?

Now the cat on the other hand (he's 4 month), is a pain in my butt, he's into everything...god I hope he starts behaving in due time of else he might have to fear for his life!

Melanie said...

Polly should meet Blue. But I think Blue would teach Polly some new chewing up not one but 2 comforter covers!! uggggggg gotta love dogs and their quirks!!

Amanda said...

How can you get mad at a face like that?!?! Sorry about the snowman, been there, done that. Only my dog's vice was shoes. MY shoes in particular!

melissious said...

Aw man! I love that snowman - eh,hem - woman! BAD Polly, BAD BAD!! I know, your mommy doesn't like it when I yell at you, but BAD girl!! :)
Awwww, Pipster! Cutie pie. I can hear him purring! :)

Swizzlepop said...

The poor snowman/woman/person! It must have started to antagonize Polly when you weren't looking why else would she do it. OR she got timred of Christmas and winter and felt the need to help you. LOL
And the look on her face. Did you make her wear the snowman/woman/person hat so that she knew what she had done?

It's a sad day at Tina's house today. :(